on June 27th, 2006

HP just announced the HAL10000 computer and is displaying their new prize at the computer show. Anyone who cares to, can walk right up and carry on a conversation with the machine. So the first person steps up and the HAL10000 says, "Good Morning I'm a HAL10000 computer, if you will tell me your IQ, we can have a conversation."

Well, the guy responds, "I have an IQ of 160." So the HAL10000 says, "Very well, let's discuss Einsteinium tensor mechanics in close proximity to a singularity event horizon." And so they did.

Later, another guy walks up and exclaims, "My IQ is 110." So the HAL10000 says, "Very well, let's discuss the working of the internal combustion engine." And so they did.

Finally, this third guy walks up and says, "My IQ is 65." So the HAL10000 replies, "Buenos dias senor."

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