Pom Pom Porno

Pom Pom Porno
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Reviewed on: 10/18/2006
Score: 44/100
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  - 1.85 for 3/day(s)
  - 29.99 for 30/day(s)
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Category: Cheerleader
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Pom Pom Porno serves up a taste of cheerleader porn. I say a taste since all this company's sites depend greatly on the galleries it has to offer, but this site has the fewest number with only 46 average photosets. A few of the 57 video feeds offered keep up with the pompom porn theme, but the eight interactive sites and six live shows follow other hardcore stories. There are 170 pages of sex tales, six adult ezines and 19 joke pages. It seems quality-wise the site is overpriced for what you get, even with generous bonuses....[click here for the complete review]