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Mega Cock Cravers

Mega Cock Cravers

Mega Cock Cravers
Mega Cock Cravers's Stats:
Reviewed on: 08/26/2006
Score: 70/100
Price Options:
  - 4.95 for 3/day(s)
  - 24.95 for 30/day(s)
Period of Membership:
Category: Monster_cocks
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You know there are horny sluts out there who just search around for massive meat they can lay their dirty cunts on, and Mega Cock Cravers gives them full-length cock action! These amateurs have always craved for the biggest, baddest and fattest dick to rip into their twats, but they have never quite had tools so huge! What these hoes crave in cock, they get delivered in massive cumloads!...[click here for the complete review]

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