Monster Cock Madness

Monster Cock Madness
Monster Cock Madness's Stats:
Reviewed on: 12/31/1969
Score: 69/100
Price Options:
  - 2.95 for 2/day(s)
  - 29.32 for 30/day(s)
  - 72.32 for 90/day(s)
Period of Membership: 60 minutes
Category: Monster_cocks
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Some of the cocks sure are monsters at Monster Cock Madness. Currently, there are 15 videos and 40 sets of pictures, but you shouldn't expect those numbers to go up any time soon since updating has apparently ceased. Recently, they have actually removed some content and some bonus sites. A few of the vids have stellar bit rates and the pics all look good, so enjoying it isn't too hard. As far as extras go, you get access to eight bonus sites, lots of extra movies and other goodies....[click here for the complete review]