April 16, 2017

Last time I do this, I gotta be honest, decided to take a few shots of whiskey while I find decent pics and passed my bad --Dave G.

  •   luvthick April 16, 2017

    RIP Charlie Murphy!

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  •   luvthick April 16, 2017

    On a side note - Can we put evil ouch back in a box for a moment so the less evil ouch can make us WICS again.

    One of my favorite WICS:


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    •   ouch April 16, 2017

      @luvthick I think I'm done with being an active member of CS & working for free, I'll drop by from time to time to say G'day but that's about it. I wish you well but I can't see me doing much for this place anymore.

      Happy Nail A Guy To A Tree Day


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      •   jewman April 16, 2017

        @ouch ata boy the jew in ouch finally came out.

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      •   luvthick April 16, 2017

        @ouch Too bad, still, I hear you. Thanks for all the great WICS you done in the past.

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      •   jewman April 16, 2017

        @ouch nah dont believe ouch he is full of shit. they just changed his work hours at the old dildo factory. he now works day hours.

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        •   ouch April 17, 2017

          @jewman You're not far off the mark actually!

          I changed to Day shift after 15 years of working afternoons in the good old dildo factory, so the times I used to troll CS for comments doesn't line up anymore. Besides! the way the PG is going these days I wouldn't even bother doing a wics even if I was paid to do it! The pg is shit and If I was you I would blame me for it.

          I Successfully trolled and killed CS single handedly :) by putting Cory in the Mod chair. Yeah that's rightCor-man I said it lol

          Let the hate and the negs flow for I am OUCH KING OF CS

          Fuck all u cunts

          I'm out

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          •   happyjack April 17, 2017

            @ouch like you don't know what you want from this place. Wanted it cleaned up and now it's cleaned up, and now it's like you're missing the old bullshit. Personally I've noticed a lot of good comments since some of the trash has been taken out.

            There you go that ouchy poo that should stoke your fire and get you pissed and back in the game, I think you're bored of playing nice you Aussie kangaroo fucker.

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            •   crazyshit-Cory H. April 17, 2017

              What would really be cool for Ouch is if he really did own the place. Then he could simply remove me as the moderator and have the clusterfuck back the way it was. But, since he's just a VIP. One of the many and many VIP's he's gloated of either paying for or talking the owner into giving out, then he'd have to put up with others just like himself. Such as the Hayleybear's of the world. And, we all know hypocritical Ouch could never handle that.

              Thing is, Poor Ouchy was just fine prior to the shift change, and he wasn't even so bad until I removed two of his DERP only posts a few days ago. I replied to him in email that if them two posts have him so upset, then he should consider a break from CS.

              In the beginning, there was several posts needing removed daily, but I feel things are much better now. Even Maddog has quality posts worthy of top spots in a WICS now.

              This isn't my first Rodeo at moderating websites. I'm here very regularly and I do take out the trash regularly. Not a single member here has me wrapped around their finger. I like Ouch and we correspond on a regular basis in email, but he doesn't get any special treatment as far as his posts at CS go. I have no problem banning him if the need should arise. I also have no problem trimming his list of user names down to one if this is how things are gonna be.

              The owner has thanked me for keeping the posts cleaned up, and that's the opinion which carries the most weight. I know a few of you support my efforts, and I sincerely appreciate it. I'm glad there are more than just a couple of us desiring a moderated site where the Internet riff-raff doesn't rule.

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              •   ouch April 17, 2017

                @Cory H. Every DERP is sacred. Save the DERP's!?!?!?!?!?!

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              • hollysmokebatman April 18, 2017

                @Cory H. Maybe some people are scared of the moderator and thats a bad thing really

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                •   crazyshit-Cory H. April 18, 2017

                  @hollysmokebatman, If they are, I apologize. That's never been my goal.

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            •   ouch April 17, 2017

              @happyjack I'm busy working a different shift. Not much time for CS anymore. Sometimes ya just out grow the old stomping grounds

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  •   luvthick April 16, 2017

    Happy Easter Shitters!

    Make sure you take some fucking timeout to paint Easter eggs or do something with the kids, so they don't grow up to be self hating monsters, searching for love with the edge of their machete or an extended AR15 clip.

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  • smellthis April 16, 2017

    Fuck easter!

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    •   luvthick April 16, 2017

      @smellthis Yeah, Thanksgiving & Christmas are my favorite holidays... Still holidays aside, if we keep fucking everything, all we have are holes, with nothing stable to walk, Stand or build on.

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  • cptnpinkbeard April 16, 2017

    All hail the demon bunny and appease him with your died eggs fake grass and chocolate.

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    •   luvthick April 16, 2017

      @cptnpinkbeard Fuck the demon bunny and enjoy the nice weather with good people.

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  •   maddog123 April 17, 2017

    Going to bed merry Xmas !!!!!!!!!

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