Sagging Pants

April 19, 2017

I've never understood the point of this style. I'm hoping someone can shed some light on the topic so I can finally understand why anyone would let their pants sag showing most of their underwear.

I've read up enough to know the notion it started in prison is most likely wrong.

There's grown ass men letting their pants sag. And don't try telling me it's a race thing as I see all races doing it.

Personally, I think it's the silliest thing I've ever seen.

  • boobles April 19, 2017

    I cringe when I think of some of the "styles" I've worn, but this saggy-pant crap is just a whole other level of shite!

    +3 -3
  •   treehouse21 April 19, 2017

    I believe Larry the Cable Guy already explained this phenomenon. When a rapper gets shot, they wear their pants at half-mast.

    +5 -4
    •   happyjack April 19, 2017

      @treehouse21 +1 That's not only funny, it may be the only funny thing he's ever said.

      +5 -2
  • vivalamigra April 19, 2017

    I think the giant rims, or "clown shoes" on their cars looks even sillier.

    +2 -3
  •   kingbigballs April 19, 2017

    It started with hand me downs when your parents don't have much money you get your older brothers Pants after awhile it became cool so now you see dumb mother fuckers buying big pants

    +5 -3
  • cptnpinkbeard April 19, 2017

    Your right it's not a race thing it's just a fucking idiot thing :-).

    +4 -3
  •   vikingshill April 19, 2017

    My pants sag, but that's because I have a beer gut and no ass

    +4 -3
  •   maddog123 April 19, 2017

    Mine sags but its because I loaded them up!!!!

    Yeah boy!

    +4 -1
  •   truckingman April 19, 2017

    When I was in high school, Suwannee High, the school had problem with student wearing the pants in this fashion. However, the administrative staff had a solution. They had the students, whom wear their pants in this fashion, pull up the pants, fish a belt length of baling twine through their belt loops, and tie the baling twine tight to hold up their pants. The baling twine is an orange color.

    Sincerely, Robert Hallock

    the truckingman.

    +4 -1
  •   happyjack April 19, 2017

    Not only did it start in prison, it meant that your ass was available and open for business.....yep it was a way of homosexual prisoners letting others know that they take it in the butt.

    +5 -2
    •   kingbigballs April 20, 2017

      @happyjack nope

      +0 -0
    •   maddog123 April 21, 2017

      @happyjack sorry to hear you were in prison and got bung holed!!!

      +0 -0
  •   jewman April 19, 2017

    where the white womens at tho?

    +3 -2
  •   whobe April 20, 2017

    My boy tried that with us and it didn't fly so I blame the parents. Doesn't matter where it came from its a matter if the parents care enough to do anything about it. In other words its a reflection of their parents.

    +3 -3
    •   luvthick May 1, 2017

      @whobe +1

      Kids will also act up when their not around their parents.

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