May 19, 2017


  • vivalamigra May 19, 2017

    Today in Chicago FALN terrorist and murderer Oscar Lopez will be honored in Humboldt Park in Chicago. Oscar was pardoned and released from prison by former president and former community agitator Barack Hussein Obama to the glee of Luiz Gutierrez, Dick Durbin, Rahm Emanuel and all the PRs that hate America yet refuse to leave here. I just wanted to send a big FUCK YOU to every PR parade throughout the country. The leftists are in full meltdown trying to overthrow our great president Donald John Trump in a coup with the complicity of the crooked press and Former First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton. We must RESIST and make sure our great president furthers our agenda and our great resistance movement to Make America Great Again (especially after what that fake Southsider BHO did to our country.

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  •   kingbigballs May 19, 2017

    Anyone ever had a chick fart when your going down on them and they cum

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    •   luvthick May 19, 2017


      Nah, But I bet it stunk like vivalamigra's rant...

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      •   happyjack May 19, 2017

        @luvthick lol. It was to regional. I'm in California forecast calls for 80 degrees today. How could I possibly give 2 shits about Mr Library's Puerto Rica n park problem??

        We really need to discuss what kingbigballs touched on yesterday, and that's some more Trump talk...Isn't that what you wanted to talk about kingballs? Lol

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    •   maddog123 May 19, 2017

      @kingbigballs no but I had a very drunk on wine lady on top ridding me and started yelling im ? I'm ? I'm? And just when I thought she was going to say I'm CUMMING SHE THROWED UP GRAPE WINE ALL OVER ME!!! ALONG WITH THE BBQ SHE HAD ATE EARLIER!!!


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  •   kingbigballs May 19, 2017

    Anyone else going shooting today just got a Springfield XDM .45

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    • cptnpinkbeard May 19, 2017

      @kingbigballs no not shootin but going to rip my dirtbike like a motherfucker. I'm saving the shootin for the goddamm bear that keeps getting in my trash ;-)

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      •   kingbigballs May 19, 2017

        @cptnpinkbeard wish I could go ride but my bike won't stay running it's been a long winter I need to clean the carbs then I can go ride and shoot

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    •   ketamine<3 May 19, 2017

      @kingbigballs I have one of those. Good solid gun, accurate, lightweight, and durable. I'm putting a red dot sight on mine.

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