Do you like strawberries and cream?

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Greg J.
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If you do then you'll see a striking resemblance to it in one of the pans in this video. It's this tasty looking swirl of red and white liquid which would almost be appetizing till you find out what it really is.

  • badblueboy April 24, 2007

    Croatia is first you american bastards!

    I always wanted to do that...

    That video sucks!


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  • pyroman69 April 24, 2007

    second thats fucking grose he should mabe get that fixed lol

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  • willie April 24, 2007

    whats you problem with americans^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

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  • ronsxi April 24, 2007

    take him to the mechanic

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  • mumbo April 24, 2007

    Did you hear the Doc in the background? He says he thought it was coming from one of the dudes lungs. It's pretty bad when you have to have a lung lanced.

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  • detroitleanin April 24, 2007

    I aint watchen that no way no how!

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  • beyondskrewed April 24, 2007

    Im gonna puke,.

    Neone wanna watch


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  • lickadslit April 24, 2007

    so thats how sonic makes those strawberry swirls

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  • t_dog8 April 24, 2007

    Its bad when a doctor THINKS its coming from his lungs. I don't want my doctor guessing....

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  • crashtest69 April 24, 2007

    i dont know what his problem was but i dont have it

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  • crashtest69 April 24, 2007

    ok let me look here,since im in the mood for a fight..theres a queer from croatia thats been neating off in front of his comp.till he can post first.a fuckin fucktard thats been beating his little pecker and only got 2nd.and an illiterate african that wants to know whats wrong with you americans..i guess they gunna have a little manage a twat tonight

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  • dunedain April 24, 2007

    infliction,i am hear,infection,where do we go from here.inception,made it we move into the killing field.

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  • skoal36 April 24, 2007

    its just a nigger, nobody panic

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  •   rodgtard April 24, 2007

    HEY can anyone tell me how to remove puke from the corners of my monitor. and out of my now full key board!

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  • theblob06 April 24, 2007

    they are lining up in the soup kitchen of the future. (apocalips)

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  • sleeko April 24, 2007

    badblueboy..I've lived and grown up in a predominantly Croat community, most of my life. Drago, Yelovich, Zitko, Trutanich..These are the names of life long friends. They all served in the US military. What's your fuck'n problem? Couldn't get a visa?

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  • cockyass April 24, 2007

    thats crazy shit

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  • brainchowder April 24, 2007

    rodgtard just break in to the neighbors house and swap keyboards i do it all the time

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  • pharmer April 25, 2007

    YOU CUNTS... you have ruined my thoughts on strawberries and cream... wont be eating them again... hope you're fuckn happy !!

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  • anoyherdayhear April 25, 2007

    At least it wasnt a REAL human.

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  • entertainingly April 25, 2007

    thats a easier way to take a leak

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  • datstuddpinky April 25, 2007

    what tha fuck was that commin form

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  • ramafistfadge April 25, 2007

    fook that would give your kids nightmares?????

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  • oie71 April 25, 2007

    just a fucking gay nigger should of not even bothered to get that shit out now he is back for more crime yeepeee!! faggot

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  • badblueboy April 25, 2007

    What for Ill need a visa?!

    Highjack a plane and here I am.

    The USA is a warloving country, is that necessary?


    Nuke em.

    Chrastest, I was online at the middle of the day.



    You need more Highschool Maniacs, that was a great thing over the big lake, everyone laughed like we did at September eleventh (9.11 fore those who cant read)

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  • mustangcustmzr April 27, 2007

    Hahaha thats so fucking my sides hurt.

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  • aussie101 April 28, 2007

    relax ppl we jus saw some nasty shit n uze wana go to war fuck heaps of australians dont like americans but fuck theyve done nothin to us relax bad bluey if they wana go to war right or wrong its not us shit because of this war my cousins over there

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  • lorilee32 April 29, 2007

    Don't you guys get tired of arguing? It is so juvenile!

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  • smkymcbngwtr October 1, 2008

    I havent gagged for a long time and i seen some nasty shit but this take the cake.

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  • whitescorpion June 25, 2017

    Just popped in for an oil change!

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  • frank n. stein September 19, 2017

    P U K E !!!

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