Fuck is right

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Greg J.
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It's gotta be hard not to shit your pants driving around in one of these countries where they are blowin up IED's like hot cakes. You can't so much as walk across the street without some asshole alan akbarin you to the next dimension.

  • peoplevshoople December 23, 2007

    first motha fuck's

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  • dazzza December 23, 2007

    fuck that was close. soldier on guys, fuck em up

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  • culprite inc December 23, 2007

    id lie to see more

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  • killtankbts December 23, 2007

    what a tragedy...the car could have held three more arabs..

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  • boneyak December 23, 2007

    And again I say FUCK!!

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  • 4kinghell December 23, 2007

    I think you'd be able to grow a good crop of potatoes in their underwear now

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  • offwithurhead December 23, 2007


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  • gophkyrslf December 23, 2007

    what do you people care you'll sleep warm and safe tonight.

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  • ramafistfadge December 23, 2007

    fook fook fookidy fook,that was close

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  • rudey December 23, 2007

    Arab Holding Detenator- "To infinity and Beyond!"

    Maybe if hes lucky he will be reincarnated as micheal jacksons ingrowing toenail would be hell of an improvement!

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  • tripod December 24, 2007

    Yeah, and while they're busy blowing up themselves, their mosques, other Muslems and us 0 we have to be really careful we don't say anything offensive about them or their god muhammed.

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  • hotuna December 25, 2007

    The problem is the regular people over there are more afraid of the asshole with the IED's than they are of us. We try to be their friends. Fuck them they hate us anyway. If our leaders werent so afraid of the fucking media and let our solders do what they are trained to do, with the best equipment on the planet, this shit would be all over by now. Check the history books, we did it with the nazis we did it with the japs, who acted like these fanatical asshols. These 2 nations were hella lot more tougher than these fucks in this shitty place. We can do it here, I dont want to see innocent people over there getting killed, but still rather see 1,000 of them over 1 of our guys. they would be much more heplful if they knew it was their ass everytime some shit happened. There is a reason Saddam ran that place with an iron fist, he had to, its full of back stabbing worthless bitches. And always will be.

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  • godless1 December 25, 2007

    I say we waterboard every one of the fuckers just for fun.

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  • crocfuckmee December 26, 2007

    Thats not a bomb...THIS IS A BOMB!

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  • rareranking October 20, 2008

    I agree with you Hotuna we should not had to, nook the fuck out of them and call it a fucking year sometimes you have to show your POWER! then just pic at it, I do not think its fair for us to loose lifes over their just to save some over their If they didnt turn themselfs in, then they should had dropped a naucosomi atom bome over their and called it fucking year, all they are doig is fucking regrooping and causin deaths at this point for no reason

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  • tastyscabs October 8, 2009


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  • tastyscabs October 19, 2009

    allah will get them at the end of their tour

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