The Daily Shit: Air Stabs, Ugly Dogs, and Hugs not Drugs

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Greg J.
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Seems like there is a lot of confusion as to what people mean by a hug. As far as I am concerned you touch me and that means it's time to hump. If you see any pairs of Air Stabs save me one and I'll pay you back. Hopefully the ugliest dog on earth does not eat them.

  • unholy_goat July 17, 2008

    1st bitches maybe??

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  • zombie July 17, 2008

    J crack kills

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  • madbasturd July 17, 2008

    shoot that ugly mutt, oh yeah great vid guys

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  •   ouch July 17, 2008

    You guys Rock. Jay what ever drugs they have you on keep taking them. You Crazy Crackers Pow pOw poW!

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  •   big_jeffrey72 July 17, 2008

    BA BOM BOMP BOMP BOM!....I've tried to watch this and I can't make it past the funny shit

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  • gon_o_rea_drip July 17, 2008

    it's all funny when greg pops up and you can see that big ol'shiner he

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  • skullcop July 17, 2008

    Love your enthusiasm Jay but PLEASE bring back a naked Chick!

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  • shimmery315 July 17, 2008

    great daily shit, yea you guys keep smokin that kill. i love all the naked man pics but Jay show some frontal baby. I vote Greg for the new McD's spokesmodel.

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  • goatbox July 17, 2008

    WTF have you been eatin' Jay!

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  • shimmery315 July 18, 2008

    ^^^must be those magical shrooms.

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  •   truckingman July 18, 2008

    """"LMF'OMF'L"""" That's some great Shit guy. Also, Holly MF' Shit, some one please help or put the dog to rest. Fuck,the dog is still alive after all of the MF' Shit it has been through, talk about one MF' tough 'Son of a Bitch'(pun not intended) who knows what else the dog can stand up to.

    Sincerely, Robert Hallock

    the truckingman.

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  • osterius July 18, 2008

    Jay was pretty lively for this one.

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  • stalkersteve July 18, 2008

    Someone put that Poor UGLY (DAMN) dog out of its Fucking Misery!!!!!

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  • mouser July 19, 2008

    just kill the poor thing dont let the dog suffer

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