Week In Crazyshit: Henry At The Firing Range

Henry sure does love his guns. I never met a Marine that didn't. Doesn't he look so manly with his firearms, ladies? I bet it makes you feel all tingly in your panties. Enjoy your fucking weekend, bitches.

  •   rockinron August 17, 2012

    nice M$ henry, i love me my olympic arms m4 and my m77 with a vintage weatherby scope, great for reaching out there and touching someone like the late great carlos hathcok of marine corp legend did. keep pouring on the lead down range and ohhhrah to the NRA!!

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  •   thundermug August 17, 2012

    Your M4 Ron? lulz...and Hathcock used a Model 70 chambered in .30-06 IIRC...keep up the bad work!

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  •   thundermug August 17, 2012

    ...this also coming from the idiot who couldn't recognize a Beretta M-9...the same one he supposedly carried during his "tours"...btw...nice Leupold in the background...how about a contest for that? ;)

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  • preferemshaved August 17, 2012

    Why no acog Henry?

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  •   potrostation August 17, 2012


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  • atmydismay August 18, 2012


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  • poida August 18, 2012


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  • exnumberonefan August 18, 2012

    Henry should wear for the next time ear protection, because the sound of the gun is to loud.

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  •   crazyvet August 18, 2012

    When I trained with that weapon it was a M-16 and was fully automatic. Sure put a lot of lead downrange real fast. Had me some fun.

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  • Henry M. August 18, 2012

    I've been looking at getting the Trijicon TA01NSN ACOG, but I'm in no rush. I met up with a guy to buy a used one yesterday and he wanted $800, he was out of his fucking mind! I'm thinking of trying out the Burris MTAC 1-4 with a Micro-dot on top. If I like it I'll go for the Burris XTR 1-4. Don't worry EX-NOF, I have my hearing protection in. Crazyvet, when I was in the Corps we had the A2. Three-round burst is fun as hell too! One year we had 10,000+ rounds to burn off. I went through several M16s that day. I had rounds cooking off and all that shit!

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  • preferemshaved August 18, 2012

    I'm rockin a TA31DOC with mini doctor and ir and glint diffuser on my Daniel defense. I love that optic hands down the best I've ever used. 800 is pretty high for a used one I payed 1000 for mine brand new with all the shit on it. I became pretty good friends with a guy who owns a gun store so I lucked out.

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  • two-hats August 19, 2012

    COTW Bitches!

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  •   crazyvet August 19, 2012

    Yea man, fun times.

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  •   thundermug August 20, 2012

    All you rich mofos talking about ACOGs...I hate you. I wish. Eotech EXPS-2 for me. If you are gonna go ACOG, why not that go Leupold CQBSS? lol m/

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  •   rodgtard August 23, 2012

    M107 One shot, one kill. ;)

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