Caught that bitch!

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Henry M.
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I couldn't have done it better myself! This bitch got caught and called the fuck out. That's some funny shit. She didn't have shit to say but "sorry." Ha! Awesome!

  • urapnes1701d September 22, 2013

    And they call men pigs...

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  •   ouch September 22, 2013

    Ask for a fucking 3 sum you pussys. Grow up! we fuck lots of women and we think it's OK. Why cant they do it too? I say cure STI's and let all fuck everything we can. except for the darkies Ewwwwww! lol

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  • 2indastink September 22, 2013

    Rape it then bury it in the garden.

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  • boneyardsteam September 22, 2013

    I love sluts

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  • xizang September 22, 2013

    I assume they're all single and none of them married. So it's a surprise to these two idiots that an attractive single woman would date more than just one guy? It's the guys who are morons.

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  •   spazman September 22, 2013

    Who da fuck wants a 3 some with 2 dudes. A real 3 some is with 2 chicks and a dude.

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  •   potrostation September 22, 2013

    Sluts do it better.

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  •   rockinron September 22, 2013

    i woulda got all my buddys into a room and had them get naked then bring her into the bedroom next door and get her horny as fuck give her 3-4 strokes pull out and have all my friends come into the room. then i'd tell her. go ahead slut fuck all of them they are ready for you and you don't even hafta do it behind my back! then i'd throw her clothes out the front window and shove her out the back door.

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  • januz September 22, 2013

    She probably could not wait to get out and get a new cock to sit on.

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  • captainwayno September 22, 2013

    Situation owned by the dudes. Hope they went out for beers after the bitch left & worked up some new tail.

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  • honkie365 September 22, 2013

    I can't believe two people wanted to fuck that skank.

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  • frankdrebin September 22, 2013

    some good came of this: #3 is now #1

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  • pinkdildo September 22, 2013

    if the first dick is really good we won't need to look for it elsewhere. FACT! so if you get cheat on it's because you suck in bed and she feels too sorry for you to be honest. man the fuck up and learn rule #1 keep the pussy happy

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  • stevenh915 September 22, 2013

    ^ then you should talk to your man and not just take off looking for a cock fest, you women are always banging on about comunication and whats on your mind and what you thinking ! but no. . not you. . you just think , im not happy and go find some dick to jump on thinking that your man will never find out. fucking hypocrites.

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  •   ouch September 22, 2013

    Wow pinkdildo I don't think you could be further from the truth. You sound like someone who has been cheated on. People like to fuck other people because we are built that way not because we "suck in bed". Pure and simple. There are scientific studies into the subject and the truth that most women have a hard time coming to terms with is their men wanting to fuck other women. Having said that new studies show that women are now more likely to be honest about it and want to fuck other guys as well just not as much as the males. Humans are not born monogamous. FACT!

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  • solidbriscoe September 22, 2013

    A lame \" meltdown\" on her part. I expected tears and mascara flying... Sluts are cool. They know what they want. Cock. And lots of it.

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  • acdcfan September 22, 2013

    That was priceless.

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  • englishgent September 22, 2013

    It's the sort of thing one would expect from youngsters. Adults would handle it differently. I would handle it with extreme violence but that's just psycho me.

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  • biggertalk September 23, 2013

    looks like she has a good pussy! give it to me then!

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  • dachief September 23, 2013

    You can see her on her phone

    Facebook status : OMG my boyfriend is such a scumbag.

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  •   handsomedevil September 23, 2013

    shit like that is foreign to me. there's nothing in this life worth getting "too" attached to; and there is nothing in this life worth getting "too" emotional about. a woman don't belong to me, just as i don't belong to no woman. "do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law." i do what the fuck i want, when i want, and with whom i want. everything gets fuck-off...

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  •   dozer67 September 23, 2013

    ^^^and this is why at your age your alone and posting on CS...loser.

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  • jimmydcap September 23, 2013

    Bro's before WHOES !!!

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  • ibetdaddy September 24, 2013

    just double penetrate the bitch that all she was looking for

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  • crazyshitisgay September 26, 2013

    Drama queens...Faggot ass bitches...Big fuckin deal, your young girlfriend, not your wife is fucking other guys...Says a lot about you...FAGGOTS!

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