Russian Hood Ornament

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Adam H.
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I have a real simple solution to this problem. Speed up to about 60 mph and slam on the brakes. That should get this crazy asshole off your hood. I think it would even be considered a justifiable manslaughter. Especially in Russia. Fuck that guy.

  •   longhungwong July 27, 2014

    Vodka withdrawal is a mothafucker.

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  •   rockinron July 27, 2014

    just another drunk fucker that thinks windshield wiper fluid is vodka

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  • donunderstan July 27, 2014

    Somebody PLEASE send these broke ass motherfuckers some MP3s from this century.

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  •   pizzapie July 27, 2014

    good thing for him he wasn't on my hood

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  • scottishtits77 July 27, 2014

    Bath salts and vodka make every day feel like Friday night. What a fucking cunt. Why did they just sit there for so long and let him chimpout like that? Get out of the car and punch that fucker in the face as hard as you can. Stomp on his head and balls. Repeat until he learns his lesson. Man the fuck up and break that cunt for messing up your car!

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  •   crazyvet July 27, 2014

    Somebody is dispensing monkey hormones in Russia.

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  • pussysurveyor July 27, 2014

    Getting some asshat off your hood ain't exactly rocket science. BTW, that fucker looks a lot like Arnold Schwartezenigger.

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  •   vulture July 27, 2014

    that happened to me but i was in a safari park at the time

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  • bennyboy19 July 27, 2014

    From another view, he was probably trying to stop her from stealing his car. Poor guy.

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  •   happyjack July 27, 2014

    Insert standard crazyshit peanut gallery ape, gorilla, primate, comments here. This would actually be an appropriate time to use them.

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  •   ouch July 27, 2014

    Typical woman, She would rather flap her fucking gums instead of doing something about it. accelerate then slam on the brakes you dumb fucking cow!

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  •   big_daddy305 July 27, 2014

    It's like he was trying to say something and then the cops come and ruin his statement.....

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  • spinal12 July 27, 2014


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  • iamapocalypse July 27, 2014

    He hated that fucking song too

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  • vaticider July 27, 2014

    What Ive learned is never pass a trolly in Russia.

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  • johnhancock July 27, 2014

    LMAOOOOOOOO that shit funny as fuck

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  • dullfeathers July 28, 2014

    That is no way to handel loosing your bus pass asshole.

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  •   treehouse21 July 28, 2014

    @ouch Uhh it's kind of dangerous to accelerate on a busy street without being able to SEE what's in front of you because some asshole is trying to break your windshield with his head. Scottishtits has the right idea. Get out of the fucking car and knock his fucking lights out. He weighs 60 lbs. It will be an easy fight.

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  • cellule July 28, 2014

    That's how women sees Tim Ingbelt problems.

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