The Helmet Didn't Help

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Adam H.
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Yeah, he's definitely dead. There's no surviving when a garbage truck runs over your skull. The nice part is that they can just toss him in the back of the truck and be done with it. I'm sure the bike is still salvageable.

  •   nybadguy April 9, 2015

    Squashed his head like a bug.

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  • breakfastblunt April 9, 2015

    Too bad that was the recycling truck. Theyll have to wait till Tuesday morning before they can throw him away.

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  •   vulture April 9, 2015

    undertaker for the undertaker

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  •   fistermister April 9, 2015

    Them fucking tram tracks will fuck you up every time.

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  •   corruptedsob April 9, 2015

    That was the cleanest scooter kill I ever seen

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  • bobbabooey April 9, 2015

    I'm going to check Moscow Craigslist. That bike might be an ATK dual sport. Those are good bikes. It's Russia, so they might even throw in his widow as part of the deal.

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  •   mykejp April 9, 2015

    Looks like the garbage truck didn't pick up all of the trash.

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  • spinal12 April 9, 2015

    he hit the ground so hard he dies.

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  • realtalks April 9, 2015

    It's ok, street sweeper should be rolling by soon

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  •   truckingman April 9, 2015

    One crushed Grape lying in the road. It is free....

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  •   darkmadness April 9, 2015

    Why was he driving in the dip when there was enough space for him to drive along side it...

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  •   handsomedevil April 10, 2015

    I heard she walked away but with the worst case of helmet hair the world had ever seen

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