Axe to the head ends ass whipping

Big Jeff
33,444 Views 3 years ago Fights

Talk about getting the shit end of the stick continually. This guy must have really fucked up and made the wrong people mad. This big fuck is a trooper. I mean he did get his ass kicked, and took a few axe swings to the melon and probably is still here today.

  • longhungwong May 25, 2015

    All I could keep my mind on was that black girls ass daamn!

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  • longhungwong May 25, 2015

    Betta axe somebody!

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  • vulture May 25, 2015

    black folks sure know how to have fun

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  •   stenchfart May 25, 2015

    nigger family reunion

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  • bobbabooey May 25, 2015

    If his pants didn't hang around his butt, he might've been able to get away.

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  • kilo_g May 25, 2015

    Damn, if he woulda hit the guys like he hit that car then he might of had a chance.

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  • potrostation May 25, 2015

    The importance of keeping one's pants up.

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  •   big_jeffrey72 May 25, 2015

    Who do you think took a harder hit? That guys head, or that passenger door?

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  •   whobe May 25, 2015

    Typical reggins.

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  •   nybadguy May 25, 2015

    That's one way how to open a watermelon

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  •   truckingman May 25, 2015

    One tuff Mother Fucker or did they shoot him off camera...

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  •   truckingman May 25, 2015

    Big Jeff both of them...

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  • anomalous May 25, 2015

    Day be chimpin' again....

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  • captjim May 25, 2015

    His bitch looked pretty good... maybe he was wearing Axe too?

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  • dracos May 25, 2015

    silly woman... axe is for men!

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  •   maddog123 May 25, 2015

    This is all blacks know how to do there know good for our country they fill our jails they don't contribute to no one hell look at Africa the black bastards still chucking spears living in fucking huts if it wasn't for the UK they would still be living with there cousins the ape and that's the gods honest truth why don't you trouble some people go back to Africa let the good white working people hell the goddam Mexicans don't behave like you do fucking cops tired of niggers thinking they can walk all over people got to have cops in all black schools that shit didn't go on in sixty's we would have beat your black asses turned the goddam dogs on you don't give a shit people so leave get out while you can cause the welfare ride is over

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  • dracos May 25, 2015

    maddog fer president?

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  •   happyjack May 25, 2015

    Hey maddog might be hard to get the whole black population packed up and exported to Africa, might be easier if you just exported yourself back to Europe. You are from Europe as much as Black people are from Africa.

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  •   maddog123 May 26, 2015

    Even you no I'm right

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  •   fistermister May 26, 2015

    I remember good-night stories making me go to sleep ,,,......but nothing like that!

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  • longhungwong May 26, 2015

    @Happy Jack and the want to send us beaners to mexico.. I'm "meshica" indigenous.

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  • misfit_88 May 26, 2015

    Geez man. Blacks. They be so stupid they cant even use an axe properly.... turn the fucking thing around and use the blade all up in that motherfucker!

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  •   whobe May 26, 2015

    Why can't "You All" just get along.

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  • roofer316 May 26, 2015

    just let em all kill each other.thats how fucking stupid they are

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  •   happyjack May 26, 2015

    @LHW yeah much easier just to just go back to Europe instead of toting our black and brown butts all over the world.

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