Talk about a Dick Move

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It's like this person knew exactly what was up as soon as the car started moving. But yes, this was pretty much a dick move. Maybe it was staged?

  •   crazyvet November 12, 2015

    I see they have niggers in other countries too.

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  • zmolez November 12, 2015

    had that happen to me tripping on acid when I was a kid....not cool

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  • prodeath November 12, 2015

    What a niggardly thing to do

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  •   vulture November 12, 2015

    been there done that in an artic (that's a semi to you lot over there), dreamy girl walking by brick wall ended up with a double shower first from the unit and then the trailer. I still laugh about it now

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  • tookalook November 12, 2015

    I'd eventually find that car!

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  •   whobe November 12, 2015

    My boss from way back did that to a guy with the company tree surgeon truck. The guy caught up with him about 2 weeks later and told him if he would have caught him that day he would have beat the hell out of him. Then he said looking back and even though it was a dick move he would have done the same thing. I would have loved to see the guy push his face in.

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  •   happyjack November 12, 2015

    The worst part is that they waited for her to get mid puddle to the point of no return.

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  • realtalks November 12, 2015

    They deserve a few shotgun blasts to the face fucking pricks

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  •   mykejp November 12, 2015

    A classic move from an old book called "How to Drive Like a Selfish Bastard ".

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  •   sbohica November 12, 2015

    Hell, no bounce, no play... Nobody got hurt. Even if it was me, still funny!

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  •   nybadguy November 12, 2015

    To bad his car didn't stall out.

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  •   stenchfart November 12, 2015

    We call that "surfs up"

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  •   potrostation November 12, 2015

    Virgins for life!

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  •   truckingman November 12, 2015

    Were this two, the ones in the car, MOTHER FUCING" ASSHOLIC, BULLSHITTING ASS LICKING, PENIS SUCKING, SHIT EAT, SMALL ANIMAL RAPING; ALSO, SACKS OF MOTHER FUCKING" SHIT where Waiting for some unsuspecting soul to walk by and down that sidewalk to pull this MOTHER FUCKING SHIT!!!!??

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  •   oldrooster November 12, 2015

    I hope we get to see them repay the carmic debt they generated for that one.

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  • darksider803 November 12, 2015

    What a ass. must be @toreal

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  •   truckingman November 12, 2015


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  • cellule November 13, 2015

    That's how you get chicks wet when your drive a Prius.

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