As the shit popped off in France

Big Jeff
30,694 Views 2 years ago

It's pretty fucking lame these people went to a death metal show, and it was actually a deadly metal show. Rip all you metalheads.

  • cyberbu11y November 16, 2015

    Good thing drummers are a dime a dozen

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  • zmolez November 16, 2015

    I love it when the Liberal status quo is proven to be wrong over and over again...especially when it comes to gun Obama is bringing the enemy right through the front door with the terrorist "refugees" impeach the bastard

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  • cyberbu11y November 16, 2015

    ^the enemy walked through the front door hundreds of years ago dip shit. Keep watching the same liberal media to get ur information and then act like u know what's really going on. The refugees are not terrorists. They are fleeing a war torn country. And guess who is going to fill all these new prisons that are being built. It happens every so many generations in case u haven't noticed. They Will bring them here, make them hopelessly dependant on the system, take it away after awhile and turn them into criminals. Sound familiar? "when you decided to stop thinking for yourselves it became our world" "Some people are so hopelessly dependant on the system that they fight and die to protect it" should I keep going???

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  • darksider803 November 16, 2015


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  •   whobe November 16, 2015

    Talking about exiting stage left check the guy on the left side of the screen. I'm out!

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  • zmolez November 16, 2015

    @cyberDullard^^^ are you retarded?or were u educated in the special students room? I think so! lol I'm no liberal and never will be,you seem mighty confused son

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  • jerseygoy5353 November 16, 2015

    10,000 muslims per DAY are pouring into Europe as we speak, and Europe is welcoming them with open arms. Mighty nice of you seeing as they want you all dead. And they breed like rabbits. You guys are in big trouble.

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  •   mykejp November 16, 2015

    Time for a new phase in the war on terror.

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  •   longhungwong November 16, 2015

    fucking regressive progressives. It's not the liberals trust me. It's progressive pussies who give libs a bad name. Those are the retards with the bleeding hearts and pussies who want to excuse raghead fuckers for blowing shit up and killing innocent motherfuckers, or go out of their way so bruce jenner can use the ladies room. bah most libs are fucked up too anyway. i'd rather not be labelle a lib or conservative. fuck everyone

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  •   vulture November 16, 2015

    @jerseygoy5353...lets get this right, the politicians are welcoming them with open arms and the ring leader is Hitlers daughter (Angele Merkel, most of the real people say send them back

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  • cyberbu11y November 16, 2015

    @longhung.. I agree. The grass ain't greener on the other genocide.

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  • cyberbu11y November 16, 2015

    Lol... I just got negged by the American prison industrial system.

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  • cyberbu11y November 16, 2015

    @zmolezter are u retarded? U said ur not a liberal but where are ur facts coming from? The liberal media? I'm willing to bet that u don't any Muslim people personally or even live any where near any. You only go by what the news tells u about a group of people who just happen to be radical extremists from that particular part of the world and then u group and categorize them the way u see fit. Nobody says anything about the British or Jews that have slaughtered millions of innocent people over the past 800 years. All I see here is a bunch of 2-dimensional thinking, self hating white guys worshipping their Hebrew masters. You want shit to to change? Then get the fuck up off ur bitch ass and do something about it

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  • bananahammock November 16, 2015

    These assholes should be turned back at the border to fix their won problems not come to another country and start new ones. Kill them all and let their god sort them out.

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  • spaulding November 16, 2015

    ISIS brought the guns, Frenchy brought the roses. The reunion went off with a bang. Hahaha

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  • jerseygoy5353 November 16, 2015

    cyberbully, all I know is that the jews don't want me dead but the muslims do. I never saw a jew crash a plane into a tower killing 3,000 innocent people or shoot up a theatre in france killing 130 other innocents. Yes, maybe not all of the muslims want me dead, but some of them do and I don't want to take any chances. Isn't france's muslim population already well over 10%? Thay're crazy to bring more in. Europe will never be the same after this migration is over with and those countries are gonna pay dearly for what they're doing now.

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  • xizang November 16, 2015

    They say that though all terrorists are muslims, not all muslims are terrorists. I'm not willing to give up my life waiting to find out which muslims intend to kill me and my family. I prefer to kill all muslims and let their allah figure it out. And by the way: when you kill a muslim, be a good citizen and recycle. Feed the muslims to the hogs. Pigs have to eat. And nothing better than turning a muslim straight into pig shit. Their allah will be real impressed!

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  •   corruptedsob November 16, 2015

    I hope toreal was there

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  •   danielcan November 16, 2015

    I love my country, I work and pay taxes, obey the spirit of law and vote. I believe my country is what I make it. I find it hard to believe immigrants feel the same.

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  • sharkkiller1 November 16, 2015

    I like titties

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  •   truckingman November 16, 2015

    They went to the concert to hear Death Metal to only end up catching MF" DEADLY METAL...... THOSE MF' ASSHOLIC MOTHER FUCKER......, I can not judge them only god can judge them........................

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  • maryxxx November 16, 2015

    cyberbu11y You're a fucking retard. If you love these "refugees" so much bring their murderous asses into your home.

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  • vaticider November 16, 2015

    When our country had a civil war, we stayed to fight not run to another country. Most of these refugees are all young men, it should be women and the elderly.

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  • hickory November 16, 2015

    Cyber, so all of these male refugees are escaping their repressed countries, but let's leave all the women and children back home in their "war torn country". Have you not noticed all of those "refugees" are 18-35 year old males ,in other words SOLDERS invading Europe and some here. I'm guessing your not from the USA.

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  •   maddog123 November 16, 2015

    This wasn't a job done by towel heads that like goat pussy and lives in tents just saying don't always believe things your told or what you are shown on media play France security tight as a drum how could these sand rats get all this high tech stuff across border and I'm pretty sure you can't just buy bombs timers and machine guns at there wall art it smelled back in 9/11 and it got a smell now it just don't wash and if France goes running in there and starts bombing these fucks and they fuck up and bomb the soviets we are at war war three somebody's got to start it why not this way

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  • bennyboy19 November 17, 2015

    Just nuke Syriah and punish every country helpng ISIS. Could we please all stop buying Fuel/OIL and see them bankrupt, Camelfuckers.

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  •   dozer67 November 18, 2015

    Sorry to say this, but DAMN that was Ironic!!!...

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