Magic Trick

David G.
23,311 Views 2 years ago

Seems like a pretty cool trick to show off at parties. Hell, I'm sure it can come in handy for Ouch to learn and take it a step further. Maybe he can also make it disappear.

  •   big_daddy305 November 26, 2015

    Paper dick.....

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  •   potrostation November 26, 2015

    Sex change doctors watching this are thinking;why did I waste four years in med school?

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  •   picklehiesner November 26, 2015

    Now stick it in your ass

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  •   dozer67 November 26, 2015

    Ga HAY!!

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  • cyberbu11y November 26, 2015

    Haha.. I'm gonna do this in every restaurant I go to now. Like a calling card. If the waitress is hot I'll leave my number on it

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  •   maddog123 November 26, 2015

    Happyjacks suprise

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  • bobbabooey November 26, 2015

    That explains why the yellow towels are small, the brown towels smell, and the black towels and won't work.

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  •   nybadguy November 26, 2015

    Fit right in with cs staff

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  • spinal12 November 26, 2015

    now suck on it turd gobbler

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  • woodchipper30 November 26, 2015

    Fortune cookie

    A fortune cookie is a crisp cookie usually made from flour, sugar, vanilla, and sesame seed oil with a piece of paper, a "fortune", on which is an aphorism, or a vague prophecy.

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  •   truckingman November 26, 2015

    This reminds me of the senses from "Cheech and Chong's Next Movie," the rich lady's mother teaches Ching the penis trick with a cloth napkin and a drink glass; also, when Ching tries performing this trick on then stage that he and Red, Cheech's cousin, kicked off "Pee Wee Herman" as Pee Wee tried to perform a comedy skit.

    +2 -1
  •   happyjack November 27, 2015

    -1 bobba a race joke from a towel, really?

    +5 -3
  •   sbohica November 27, 2015

    ^^^^^dont bother happy. He's a brand new man...

    +2 -1
  • bookertank November 27, 2015

    flies must be sacred to fuck up a magic show

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  •   whitechristian November 27, 2015

    @happyjack.......... You just like the brown guy because he's loud ass hell like black people. Laughing while black on the whine train.

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  • eyeh8dumbasses November 27, 2015

    wow he made flies appear

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  •   happyjack November 27, 2015

    @sbohica its Frank Drebin #2 Started off funny and creative then turned to 80% black jokes pandering to the simple and retarded crowd for +1's I guess. @Clayton Bigsby every time that you try to insult me all that I can think of is the white power skit on the Chapelle Show. Sorry I know you are trying to be tough, but TV and movie comedy skits have turned the image of the KKK into clowns. If I didn't like my own avatar so much I would change it to a picture of Mr Bigsby lol.

    +5 -2
  •   whitechristian November 28, 2015

    @happyjack........ Knklos Klan

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  • lowfro November 28, 2015

    Only fags do tricks like that

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  •   whitechristian November 28, 2015

    @whitechristian.......... kuklos klan..... lol

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  • mr.voorhees March 27, 2017

    You will get very creative, if you don't have a own one.

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