Newark Police Shoot Unarmed Man

It seems Lt. Eddie Hernandez has a trigger happy finger. This is what he had to say: "He approaches the driver side of the vehicle, and gives commands to the driver to step out of the car," Lt. Eddie Hernandez with the LASD Homicide Bureau said. "The driver actually turns the car on, the deputy is struck by the vehicle and at this point the deputy felt a threat to his life and that's why he fired." This is the same guy who shot another man in the 2nd clip of this video

  • cowboysouthern February 25, 2016

    It's getting to the point where I'm afraid to leave the house, then again, the cops showed up and rang my doorbell and arrested me once, for being a GOOD SAMARITAN. I know cops have a tough job, but some of these guys are absolute assholes.

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  •   vulture February 25, 2016

    so he was not threatened he just felt threatened

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  •   fistermister February 25, 2016

    I'd shoot and kill too, if you try running me over with a 3000# weapon.

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  •   rickyragoo February 25, 2016

    POLICE SHOOT UNARMED MAN so what else is new...

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  •   rickyragoo February 25, 2016

    anyone else try to rub the 2 black spots off...

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  • tattydaddy February 25, 2016

    Wait a're NOT suppose to shoot some one who is tryin run run you down in a car? Shit I'm Canadian and even I'd shoot the fuckin asshole.

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  • insanemonkey February 25, 2016

    WTF I thought i was going to see someone get blast... not no homo CPR action.

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  •   corruptedsob February 25, 2016

    Fuck The Police !!!!

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  •   ouch February 25, 2016

    You should thank all the cops in your country for shooting people! Every time one of them goes and shoots a citizen all you little fuckers go out and buy another gun which keeps your economy going. Good job officers or should I say accountants

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  •   whobe February 25, 2016

    This is where I don't understand black people, when the cops kill one of you when you are unarmed don't burn down your grocery stores you burn down the sheriffs office.

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  •   rockinron February 25, 2016

    @whobe its nigger logic dude, dont try to understand it. the last guy that understood it freed them, now look how fucked we are.

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  • honkie365 February 25, 2016

    All lies, the guy had arms.

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  •   nybadguy February 25, 2016

    Did i miss him being shot?

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  • cyberbu11y February 25, 2016

    @nybadgoy... Yes but u also witnessed that guy tea bagging him at the end of the video. So we're gonna need u to testify. Thanks in advance... Sincerely, #LICKMyBALLS® Enterprises

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  •   ouch February 25, 2016

    Lmmfao cyberbu11y +1

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  •   pizzapie February 25, 2016

    It doesn't matter if he was unarmed, he was black.

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  •   mykejp February 26, 2016

    No actual shooting in the video? Yawn!!!!!

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  • cellule February 26, 2016

    Wait a second.. Black guy in a 10+ year old Honda resisting arrest ended shot... My point? 1+1=2.

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  • joedumber February 26, 2016

    @whobe its called facism, burning down the sheriffs office doesnt do doesnt make a point...

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  •   allcaps February 26, 2016

    im gunna wait till what ouch says on this know, his dignified comments we all wait for

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  •   allcaps February 26, 2016

    @allcaps oh my..i spoke to soon...he allready said something dignified before eyes dids..that dirty married proud poopin fudger

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  •   allcaps February 26, 2016

    @rockinron we need to talk again about your potty mouth...i cant continue to defend you if you say the things you kiss your wife with the same potty mouth you do us?

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  • junkhunter February 27, 2016

    Probably needed shooten anyway.

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  • atheancrypt March 17, 2016

    Usa is going down.

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