Prison Escape

David G.
17,390 Views 3 years ago

A few days ago there was a prison escape in Canada that was straight out of an action movie. These two guys used a helicopter in their get-away. Later on one of them sky dived naked. OK, I made the last part up but it's still in the clip.

  •   wombatbytes March 18, 2016

    You'd think that with all the jerking off they did in prison, they would have had the arm strength to climb a rope!

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  •   fistermister March 18, 2016

    He should've put a cape on that lil' man.

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  • xav March 18, 2016

    That was exactly 3 years ago, and those dumbasses were caught by the end of the same day. Also some prison officials were charged because obviously you can't perform such a shitty escape without some guards having your back. That was some funny shit to see on the news!

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  • marcodufour March 18, 2016

    Nobby nobbit does skydiving...

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  •   truckingman March 18, 2016

    This type of escape has been used in the past, one escapy Pascal Payet escape from two French prisons in two thousand one, two thousand three, and two thousand seven. He was recaptured on September twenty first two thousand seven and was transferred to a secret prison location.

    List of helicopter prison escapes-

    Pascal Payet-

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  • potrostation March 18, 2016

    Was that Catlyn Gener sky diving?

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  • cellule March 18, 2016

    We rather call it a daycare instead of a jail.

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  •   nybadguy March 18, 2016

    Haha @wombat. Maybe they were fuckin a fee fee instead. +1 brother lol

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  • rickyragoo March 18, 2016

    this is so old news...

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  • captjim March 18, 2016

    flappy dick

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  •   maddog123 March 18, 2016

    Fuck canada

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  •   rockinron March 19, 2016

    holy shit batman they really do escape from prison with helicopters!

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