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You never know when you'll end up with a truck running you over and you end up with your panties showing so always wear a clean pair.

  • james511969 January 14, 2017

    That's one way to get skinny real quick!

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    •   whobe January 14, 2017

      @james511969 That sure was some flat fat.

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      • james511969 January 14, 2017

        @whobe either that or those are her new meat curtains!

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        • crockful January 17, 2017

          @james511969 Lady Gaga approves.

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  •   luvthick January 14, 2017

    I guess the maxi pad didn't work.

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  •   freddykrueger January 14, 2017

    nothing like getting crushed like a tube of toothpaste to dirty your panties!

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  •   happyjack January 14, 2017

    These trucks are quick to run over people but slow to roll off of them.

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  • alwaysaproblem January 14, 2017

    I'm getting hungry. That looks delicious!

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  •   truckingman January 14, 2017

    Should I even ask about how the victim ended up in this predicament?

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  • poekey_hoitz January 14, 2017

    Are the videos related? I thought it was going to keep going and you were going to see that Asian guy come and grab her pant after she rolled free.

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  •   ouch January 14, 2017

    Hey @mookie492 I thought I would post this here for you because you seem to be stalking me on every page

    This is a copy paste from

    where you typed like an incoheriant child

    "Y'all all be wrong. I'm T's buddy Zane. So ALL YALL CAN SUCK ON MY BALLS! The lol is on you. T said fuck off, to those who know!"

    So sit back have a read and enjoy

    My reply @mookie492

    then you're just another Cs stalker and that is actually worse!

    You don't seem to be in my thoughts the way I obviously am in yours, hell you don't even rate any specific memory when I see you post if I bother to pay attention to you at all

    You're just a sad little man...... so sad.

    You have yourself a nice day there champ, I won't be paying you the attention you are giving me and you obviously are craving in return.

    ...................................................Yeah I think we're done thanks champ..............................................

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  • noihavetosaythis January 14, 2017

    "Mum, don't make a scene now. Stand up .. and don't forget those chunks."

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  • thingone January 15, 2017

    Someone Call the mechanic, back up siren works. but truck moves forward ...

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  • bobadfett January 15, 2017

    What is it with these flip flop women and goddamn trucks?

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  • bobadfett January 17, 2017

    Look she's a twitcher!! Shoot her in the head.. head dead. ( Tom savini) dawn of the dead remake

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  • johnnyjones February 1, 2017

    Its amazing how these people aren't screaming in pain... shock is a mutherfucker

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  • gigaandrew June 17, 2017

    Fuck lipo just get run over. XD

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  • naturalspirit December 11, 2017

    Must have skidded on him or her?

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