Construction Workers Gone Wild

Jesse U.
25,253 Views 1 decade ago
  • gregorydoggery May 5, 2005

    As an attack on the stereotypical "horny secretaries at their desk" it slightly missed the point. Used with average but handsome plumbers and/or construction workers it might have drawn a smile. The fat plumber had a nice rack, but the modern cunsumer demands so much more. Finger action etc. More effort required. D-

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  • spongemike May 5, 2005

    Nice review there, Siskel. I thought you kicked the bucket. Keep em comin'. I always liked you better than that fat fuck Ebert anyway.

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  • rockybalboa May 6, 2005

    It looked funny to me.

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  • ramyel May 6, 2005

    the plummers are kool hahaha

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  • i am canadian May 11, 2005

    i think u took one to many punches to the head if you find that funny balboa.mickey should have learned you how to block a couple.

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  • knate_dogg May 18, 2005

    thats sick shit but the end was the shit, "who gives a fuck"

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  • nofleas July 17, 2005

    Right on Knate, who gives a FUUUUCK

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