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  • bobadfett April 6, 2017

    No matter what it's never OK To hit a woman shit if I ever hit my woman I'd be picking up my teeth off the floor

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    •   ouch April 6, 2017

      @bobadfett Never? lol if a woman has a gun pointed at your head and the only way to save yourself was to hit her I bet you would change your tune!

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    • jonny87 April 6, 2017

      @bobadfett beta male white knight yank pussy

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    • [email protected] April 6, 2017

      @bobadfett fuck that shit. No person should hit anyone. This cunt was so aggressive. These weren't little girl punches but full on punches. I would knock her out. The ' never hitting a girl' rule applies when unprovoked or for something you can walk off, not to make men victims of abuse.

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    • moneyman96 April 6, 2017


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    • manunkind April 6, 2017

      @bobadfett It's never okay to hit a woman first.

      A woman hits me first? Well, she ain't a woman, she's just a bitch, and I will hit her back.

      You? You're less than a bitch. You're a floor mat.

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    •   sarge07 April 6, 2017

      @bobadfett, BULLSHIT!! Self defense is your right, and I'd have knocked that bitch into nest week and meet her Wednesday and done it again. No matter the circumstances, SHE committed an act of aggravated assault.

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    • mast chef 215 April 10, 2017

      @bobadfett pussy lol

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    • stinkyuser April 10, 2017

      @bobadfett You need to find a good tranny or a man, a black men.

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    •   dozer67 April 14, 2017

      @bobadfett especially a hot one with a smoking body..

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    • baddogonline October 1, 2017

      @bobadfett Bullshit. The law lets you protect yourself. He should've knocked the fuck out of her.

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    • sutek amen ra January 2, 2018

      @bobadfett Pussy

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    • hairry-mcballstein March 2, 2018

      @bobadfett lol your such a bitch...I bet you cry when your gf won't have sex with you...IF you've ever had one

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    • blackenedamerica March 25, 2018

      @bobadfett i would punch that bitch in her mouth and go to jail afterwards

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  • suck69 April 6, 2017

    The only time you are alowed to slap a bitch is if she wont make u a sandwich... or if she knocks ur beer over

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  • jonny87 April 6, 2017

    I'd kick her tits off and leave her in a Ditch ... but then again I believe in equality

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  •   crazyshit-Cory H. April 6, 2017

    I'm not willing to let a man or woman smack me around like that. If she didn't stop right quick, I'd knock her ass right to the floor.

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    •   GrimmWilder April 6, 2017

      @Cory H. ..EXACTLY!!....When she stops acting like a lady and starts acting like a man, then you can treat her like a man.... I understand that women are emotional creatures and can lash out in the heat of the moment, in which case i can overlook and/or forgive one or two shots....but she gave up her 'woman card' with that intentional prolonged violence on him ...she stepped in a mans shoes.....he'd of been right to knock her out of them,..,

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  • airsporter April 6, 2017

    The potential was there for something much more entertaining.... 2 x Lifts and associated shafts!

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  •   redpig April 6, 2017

    That's when

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  •   luvthick April 6, 2017

    The women of yesteryear are gone! I cannot honestly tell my son's to standby and allow anyone male/female to physically harm them.

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  • james511969 April 6, 2017

    They want equality!

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    •   freddykrueger April 6, 2017

      @james511969...I'm an equal opportunity bitch slapper!

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      •   luvthick April 6, 2017

        @freddykrueger lol!

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      •   sarge07 April 6, 2017

        @freddykrueger, I hate to admit it, but I have bitchslapped a few "men" who thought that being a bully made them a man.

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        • bigsmokey86 April 6, 2017

          @sarge07 Then the men you bitchslapped are not men but males. There are differences between the two. Men don't do petty dumb shit like that, immature males do.

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        •   freddykrueger April 7, 2017

          @sarge07...I think a reasonable response or appropriate reaction falls under natural law! and let's not forget the age old adage "don't start no shit, there won't be no shit"

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  • drewstl April 6, 2017

    I would not HITS her, But I damn sho would got my sister to beat that ass

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  • vivalamigra April 6, 2017

    I hope he never pays her.

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  •   happyjack April 6, 2017

    Not blaming the guy, but there's a reason that she felt like he was wimpy enough to use as a punching bag without any consequences or repercussions. Maybe it's his lushiness never even setting the beer down, or maybe it was the silly straw hat that he picked up courtesy of his last birthday bash.

    Hopefully he's just going down the hall to grab the maid's bucket of mop water to dump on this crazy bitch's head.

    +6 -6
    •   kingbigballs April 6, 2017

      @happyjack I agree with you but I'm a carpenter in the sun all summer so I own silly straw hats to keep the sun from baking my neck and face

      +1 -3
      •   happyjack April 6, 2017

        @kingbigballs yeah I hear ya there, but I have a feeling his hat is more of a fashion statement.

        +3 -4
      • bigsmokey86 April 6, 2017

        @kingbigballs I appreciate the job you do. We need more people like carpenters , doctors , teachers , firemen so on so forth. Not more useless celebrities and worthless politicians.

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    • bigsmokey86 April 6, 2017

      @happyjack I can feel where you are coming from. In this country the justice system is way biased in favor of women. I'm sure if he had done something even though she hit first he would be the one in jail. Women get away with a lot of stuff compared to men and I just don't think it is fair.

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  • sexmaster April 6, 2017

    She is supposed to be knocked on the ground. Don't be stupid with that never hit a woman talk. She counts on it for she knows that she can't win. Defend yourself don't get hurt or killed being chivalrous.

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  • breakfastblunt April 6, 2017

    The self-control was amazing. 1 quick clock would knock her backwards on her ass with the fear of god in her fucking eyes - like "why did you just do that??" I would have atleast gave her ass a hard shove to the ground after a few of those punches, but not without a verbal warning

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  • soulconsumer April 6, 2017

    If a person hits me when I deserve it, problem with that. If a person hits me when i don't deserve it, i will strike back, woman, man, old, young...i dont discriminate.

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  • whbonney April 6, 2017

    Excuse me, you, with the gay hat.... please stop by customer service and turn in your dick and balls. You are making the rest of us look really bad. I'm not saying hit her, which I would have, but AT LEAST defend yourself you cunt.

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    • moneyman96 April 6, 2017

      @whbonney BEST COMMENT!!!

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  • boobles April 6, 2017

    I'm ashamed to be a woman sometimes...

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    •   ouch April 6, 2017

      @boobles well come here and I'll and give you a spanking. Someones gotta do it :)

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  • motorboatagoat April 6, 2017

    Did the person with the camera even know they were recording?

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    •   sarge07 April 6, 2017

      @motorboatagoat, probably her best friend, and then they ran and posted what great thing she did on facebook, twatter, and what the hell ever these self centered idiots do all day.

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  •   picklehiesner April 6, 2017

    She is why the term "bitch slap" exists

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  •   whobe April 6, 2017

    I recommend a good hard pussy slap.

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  • mrlowbot April 6, 2017

    The fact that a woman could do this to a man is okey but the other way around and everyone freaks the fuck out. I would have punched her back hard.

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  •   pdx2002 April 6, 2017

    If you don't hit a woman that is acting like this then you don't believe in equal rights. Women deserve an equal place in our society. Women deserve to be paid as much as men. Women should enjoy all the privileges that men do. Women should also be responsible for their actions and be treated like a man who understands what he risks when he opens his mouth.

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  •   treehouse21 April 6, 2017

    Damn, what a PUSSY. Bare knuckle brawls with "men" are no fun when they don't hit you back! She needs a better sparring partner.

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    •   sarge07 April 6, 2017

      @treehouse21, seen better on jerry springer with midget fights

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      •   treehouse21 April 7, 2017

        @sarge07 I've seen better midget fights in my own living room.

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  • shlyfox April 6, 2017

    It is sexist to not fight back. He shouldve defended himself, one human to another. True equality.

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  • ob1 April 6, 2017

    Wow, that was some liberty she took with that pussy pass. She'd of woke up for spring break 2050 if she did that to me.

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  • txdo_msk April 6, 2017

    Right after the first swing and contact is made, it's open season. Make them decide NOT to swing again.

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  • workingfortheweekend April 6, 2017

    That bitch deserves a beat down and if sombrero guy won't do it hopefully her pimp will

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  • peaks April 6, 2017

    Mmmm, dom-cute chicks? I like...

    If she starts attacking me to inflict serious pain?

    Different story. I'd knock her the fuck out.

    +2 -3
  • dizeer April 7, 2017

    Excuse me, Chivalry is dead.

    Donkey punch her then Grab her by the pussy.

    +4 -1
  • davey6 April 7, 2017

    just grab her by the pussy then shoot the ho in her yapper!

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  • doc_ock April 7, 2017

    When is it ok to hit a girl? After she threw the second punch because now you know the first punch was no accident

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  • bobadfett April 7, 2017

    Oh is this why I get Goddamn 21 negs? Now who's the asshole here? And generally speaking you don't hit a woman period I've never laid hands on a woman under any circumstances. Bunch of fucking stupid fuck tards yea I'm proud to be the white knight mother fuckers.. Fuck this site and most of all FUCK YOU!!!!

    +1 -4
    • manunkind April 7, 2017

      @bobadfett you know, for many people obesity causes multiple issues with their skin, the interior pressure against the skin membrane causes it to tear.

      You might want to work on that, so you're not such a thin-skinned push-over.

      +3 -1
    • manunkind April 9, 2017

      @bobadfett by the way, it's 24 now.

      26 if you add this above post to it.

      Have any bedsores yet?

      +0 -1
    • frank n. stein November 18, 2017

      It's not about that! It's about DEFENDING YOURSELF. A slap is one thing, but when a cunt uses fists and keeps punching you, you knock the bitch OUT!! If you don't, you're a pussy! Like the guy in the video.

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  • grrrr April 8, 2017

    I wouldn't hit her.......I would bite her fucking nose off then spit it in her face.

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  •   hatchetface April 9, 2017

    I just want a sammich

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  • kyrowe April 9, 2017

    I would have thrown her ass off the balcony

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  •   dozer67 April 14, 2017

    Last time a chick hit me I damn nearly raped her I love rough girls and I get turned on like crazy..........sorry, I'm a sick puppy.

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  • tkilla1932 July 16, 2017

    she would have gotten knocked tha fuck out..if she hit me like a nigga ima hit her like she one too! lmao bitches need to respect a man potential power.

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  • chitownfinest July 24, 2017

    Fuck that bitch,after that dude walked away and she followed him,he should have turned and pooped her ass one.

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  • fuqem March 9, 2018

    Truth be told!.

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  • forcekeen April 2, 2018

    I would fucking slam her out of the building

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  • ghostfeet May 20, 2018

    Amazing patience on his behalf, major respect for that. No one deserves that kind of abuse. If she keeps this shit up, someone WILL lay her out someday.

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