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  • sexmaster July 30, 2017

    Never get in front of a car.

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  • willwags1 July 30, 2017

    dude told her no mayo on that sammich!

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  • the suspect July 30, 2017

    Out of my way im more important than you!

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  •   maddog123 July 30, 2017

    Never cough when you got the shits!!!

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  • sealex July 30, 2017

    This is why women should not work in men's jobs. I man would have move the fuck out the way! Try being a secretary sweetie, when you get out of the hospital of course.

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    •   ketamine<3 July 30, 2017

      @sealex if a woman can physically do the job then why not? I know plenty of women who do hard physical jobs, hell my mom works on aircraft for the Air Force.

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      • blitzkriegbopit January 16, 2019


        But can she do words good as sealex do huh now wat

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  • deadpen July 30, 2017

    RCMP are investigating a serious incident in Burnaby, B.C as seen in the video.

    OH YEA it was a woman driver!!!!!! So was this road rage or are we chocking it up as woman driver?

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  •   ouch July 30, 2017

    The last one was in Australia and we love our equal rights!!

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    •   wombatbytes July 30, 2017

      @ouch : The cunt threw nails and CHISELS at him. I'd have decked her too.

      Anyway, both were arrested.

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  • noboongoon July 30, 2017

    I believe in equal rights for women. Equal lefts too!

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  • john72 July 30, 2017

    The second one has an interesting story: the punch followed the woman tossing nails and a file at the guy whilst both cars were moving. The woman has been charged with 5 offences, the bloke only one offence. Love the look on the cunt's face before impact.

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    • mancock July 30, 2017

      @john72 channel 9 showed this on the news and didn't show him punching her because they said the vision was too traumatic, couple of days later they show a guy getting cleaned up by a car, apparently that wasn't too traumatic, nor the road rage incident with the 4 guys a few days later, punches and kick flying, seems like if it involves a bitch getting hit it is considered too much to show, equal rights haha

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  • airsporter July 30, 2017

    Go To Jail - Do Not Pass Go - Do Not Collect £200.

    Increasingly tired of peoples' arrogance' as I get older

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  • mrthorwald July 30, 2017

    Depends how hot she looked in that outfit..

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  • mrthorwald July 30, 2017

    1957 - you don't punch ladies!

    2017 - fuck 'em we're all equal aren't we, Smack!

    Congratulations on your progress ladies.

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  • vivalamigra July 30, 2017

    I would have used my turn signal.

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  •   hatchetface July 30, 2017

    Construction is a bitch

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  • fiddledeedee July 30, 2017

    According to CBC news, the female driver of the SUV hit the flagger and left the scene , then hit ANOTHER flagger further down the road! Shortly after that, police were notified that the woman was assaulting some children on a nearby street.

    Luckily, the flaggers survived with few injuries.

    "Police say there is no indication alcohol or drugs were factors in the crash. They say the woman may have been suffering from severe emotional issues at the time of the incidents.

    No charges have been laid yet."

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    •   ouch July 30, 2017

      @fiddledeedee So being a CUNT is an excuse by having "severe emotional issues"

      FUCK Yeah I just got a get out of jail free card :)

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      • fiddledeedee July 31, 2017

        @ouch - I hope there is some consequence for her actions -- at least she needs some kind of help.

        The story broke a month ago, so maybe she has faced charges since then.

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  • emokiller July 30, 2017

    I hope they throw her ass in jail!

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    •   truckingman July 30, 2017

      Emokiller which lady are you referring to in the video?

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  • eyeballasshole July 30, 2017

    She's a stupid bitch. That never would have happened if she was at home making sammiches where she should have been in the first place.

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  •   pdx2002 July 30, 2017

    Imagine what that stupid cunt in the last vid was mouthing off about for that guy to cold walk up to her and ring her bell. Great form btw.

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  •   sarge07 July 30, 2017

    1) turn in the plate number to the police, 2) same, and show the video of the "big" man hitting the woman and shame the fuck out of him.

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  • 72jayd July 30, 2017

    I would have helped both women in more ways than they needed.

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  •   truckingman July 30, 2017

    The lady in the first clip was doing her job, directing traffic for a road paving company, and the MF" ________ driver did not want to wait for the lady to let him into the line because he want to drive a head of the line.

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  •   nybadguy July 30, 2017

    Hold up that stop sign all you want sweet tits but it won't save you from gettin ran da fuk over.

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  • sinner1ner July 31, 2017

    she probs cried after getting smacked by the body builder, also stop sign lady wtf do your job

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  •   spider-man July 31, 2017


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  • harly9 August 13, 2017

    I'd beat him with a hammer.

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  • frank n. stein September 5, 2017


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