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  • the suspect September 3, 2017

    Damn looks like soccer boy's kick reflexes do serve another purpose!

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    •   freddykrueger September 3, 2017

      @the suspect...that's ken the wasp!

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    • niggletio September 7, 2017

      @the suspect Thats not a soccer boy. Thats a muaythai fighter ez. When I trained Daido Juku, some soccer guys came to our club because their coach told them to train other things besides soccer to get different exercise than the normal soccer training (when you training for years, you will hit a limit where no changes in body happens, so you wanna change your training routine once in a while).

      My point is the soccer boys who came to train, were VERY stiff, they couldn't kick higher than the mid section.

      Also how you can tell this is no soccer boy, the way he kicks, if you look at his standing foot, it's "twisted"/turned to his side. You will never see someone kick like this in football.

      You kick this way in martial arts (karate, muaythai, kickboxing etc) do not damage your knee when your body rotates to accelarate the kick.

      Sorry for bad english, but I think my point is clear (done martial arts since age of 7, all famous martial arts)

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      • thetrollbasher January 19, 2018

        @niggletio Doesn't matter what fighting style you know. you are mortal and can be beaten, no matter if it's 1 v1 or ganged up on. It's funny how mma and karate learners get cocky. Try that fighting style in jail then, you'll most likely get held down and stomped

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  • dick steel September 3, 2017

    I guess i've been spoiled by watching ufc and kickboxing a lot.

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  • letmefindout September 3, 2017

    And I wasted good, hard earned money on Macgregor and Maeweather.

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  • joat_amos September 3, 2017

    In the first video right before it cut to the second was that Soulja boy?

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  •   maddog123 September 3, 2017

    My way is quicker I carry a gun fighting is a waste of time and its very painfull

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    • joat_amos September 3, 2017

      @maddog123 I never leave home without my Colt .45 1911

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  • mad jock September 3, 2017

    think fat boy shagged the winner..

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  • sinner1ner September 3, 2017

    you gotta be the dumbest mf if you couldnt see that slow ass kick coming towards you

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    •   big_daddy305 September 3, 2017

      @sinner1ner Easy to say it was a slow kick when you weren't on the other end of it.

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    • rekkapdum September 3, 2017

      @sinner1ner He did a fake out with the right first, caught him off guard

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  • carlspackler September 3, 2017

    It's not a winning hit unless there's a seizure to follow.

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  • arctic_ice September 3, 2017

    Niggers lol

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    •   crazyshit-Cory H. September 3, 2017

      @arctic_ice ,

      Thirty percent of your posts are that one word. Think you could put a humorous spin to it, or is that the best you've got?

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      •   ouch September 3, 2017

        @Cory H. I think the "lol" has lost its luster too :)

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  •   truckingman September 3, 2017

    All I can say is there was not any head stomping by the victorious combatant(s) and/or a gang jumping the defeated combatant(s).

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  • joedumber September 4, 2017

    good looks and ego aren't good fighting techniques,...

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  • misteram September 4, 2017

    Tha fuck is wrong with this fucked up life!

    Disgusting human

    Disgusting toughts

    Disgusting life

    Hope something big is gonna stop this shit for ever some day!

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    • joedumber September 4, 2017

      @misteram talk to Kil Sum Ung in North Korea maybe he's got ideas.

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  •   nybadguy September 4, 2017


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  • wisconsinjed September 4, 2017

    The lure of jumping into a fight is so strong for some that when it isn't needed it can cause a person to short circuit leaving them in a confused state. Take the fist video. Caught between wanting to deck his friend and congratulate him he gives him a awkward sort of belly bump. Ha! Peace all!

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    • joedumber September 4, 2017

      @wisconsinjed yeah right i agree with you, but that shit happeened so fasst I didn't think they had time to think...

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  • cptcaveape September 4, 2017

    Second fight. That kick was his only move, and he immediately called it quits right before Shirtless Larry was about to beat his ass.

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