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  • the suspect September 15, 2017

    Charlottesville moved to aussie

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    • glassfranger September 15, 2017

      @the suspect

      No mate. We've been supporting these bludgers for 200 years. Nothing new except people are starting to finally ask what are we getting for our money?

      btw... the answer is sweet fuck all cracker.

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      • cazaly September 15, 2017

        @glassfranger centerfraud payday and a day of folks drinking goon in the sun all day makes this look like a warm up .

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        • glassfranger September 17, 2017


          Are you cocaine cassie?

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    •   wombatbytes September 16, 2017

      @the suspect : Just the lowest of both species interacting...

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  •   crazyshit-Cory H. September 15, 2017

    He should've stayed behind the safety of his keyboard.

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    •   ouch September 15, 2017

      @Cory H. We have the right to bear CAP LOCKS!

      lol Perth hahahaha gotta love them cunts over there

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      • mancock September 15, 2017

        @ouch so you should, considering WA gives eastern states all of its GST to support your fucked up worthless states

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        •   ouch September 16, 2017

          @mancock where the fuck do you get your information from you idiot?

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          • mancock September 18, 2017

            @ouch haha look it up you fucking idiot, and maybe I'm from WA. I bet you voted yes, didn't you fag, can I be best man at your wedding? Just shows how dumb and ignorant you are not knowing whats going on in your own country, fuckhead

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      • james511969 September 16, 2017

        @ouch dude, when did you get out of the hospital?


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        •   ouch September 16, 2017

          @james511969 next week i hope

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          • james511969 September 16, 2017

            @ouch stay behind the keyboard man!


            Be safe!

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    •   happyjack September 15, 2017

      @Cory H. Understatement of the year

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      •   ouch September 16, 2017

        @happyjack Every nigger post now gets my attention you antagonistic cunt

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        •   happyjack September 16, 2017

          @ouch who cares what gets your attention. I've seen your act 100 times over mr Mighty Mouse. Zzzzzzzzzz

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    •   luvthick September 15, 2017

      @Cory H.


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    • wolverinemac5 September 16, 2017

      @Cory H. YEEESSSSSSS! Well Played, Sir! Well Played! +100

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  • dizeer September 15, 2017

    Better be politically correct when addressing Australian niggers.

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    •   wombatbytes September 16, 2017

      @dizeer : That's where he fucked up.

      In this country they are called Abos, coons or boongs (the sound they make when bouncing off the roo bar). Traditionally niggers has only pissed off the Americans.

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      •   ouch September 16, 2017

        @wombatbytes LMMFAO+100

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  • dick steel September 15, 2017

    The baboon beating him on the head with the stick needs to be neutralized.

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  • letmefindout September 15, 2017

    It's a good thing this was in Australia. In America, he would have been publically admonished.

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  • presidenttrump September 15, 2017

    The brown creature that speaks looks like one of those transfags.

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    • wolverinemac5 September 16, 2017

      @presidenttrump You would know, wouldn't you???

      +2 -1
      • presidenttrump September 16, 2017

        @wolverinemac5 You think Bruce Jenner is a chick. You are ZERO.

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  • alastor September 15, 2017

    Another racist twat with a two ton mouth backed by a one pound ass.

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    • wafflecock September 15, 2017

      @alastor Metric motherfucker, do you speak it?

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      •   truckingman September 15, 2017

        @wafflecock "another racist twat with a one point eight metric ton, one thousand eight hundred fourteen point three seven kilograms, mouth back by point four five three five nine two kilogram, four hundred fifty three point five nine two gram, ass."

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        • wafflecock September 16, 2017

          @truckingman lmfao +1.

          A touch too specific for a fellow truckie but the effort is fucking champagne!

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  • felterupgood September 15, 2017

    Nothing here. He just thought he was at the "push around" football game.

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  • sealex September 15, 2017

    Dam, Charlie Brown really beat shit out of that guy. Cops tazing him at the end forgot to douse him in gasoline first though wtf?

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  • mancock September 15, 2017

    got to love them boongs, good for fuck all just like every other black cunt on this planet.

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  • aorta September 15, 2017

    Australia looks like a strange place.

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  •   picklehiesner September 15, 2017

    @ouch You ok bro ?

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  • zykario September 15, 2017

    I do not know why he complains, they have put the helmet of Battlestar Galactica

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  •   toreal September 15, 2017

    Every racist should be beat like this.

    +7 -5
    •   GrimmWilder September 16, 2017


      Why would you want to be beat like this?

      +4 -4
  • hiwudjablome September 15, 2017

    Dude was getting serious taking off his shirt annnnnnnnnd BLAM

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  • airsporter September 15, 2017

    Never get between an Abbo and his grog...

    Surprised Ouch got his ten penorth' in.

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  • glassfranger September 15, 2017

    Just another tax payer sick of his money going to support the lazy parasitic racist indigenous folk, nothing more ... move along.... nothing to see here...

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    •   wombatbytes September 16, 2017

      @glassfranger : I doubt that useless fucker pays much tax...

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  • mad jock September 15, 2017

    To much fukin talking...fuck of lame aussies

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  •   nybadguy September 15, 2017

    Looks like Toreal and his gang finally caught up with Ouch.

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  •   allcaps September 15, 2017

    trump supporter?

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  •   happyjack September 15, 2017

    This must be fake because I heard that in Australia they never fight, have racial issues, no police issues, it's just the land of rainbows, puppies, and unicorns. Which one of you derps at CS put out this fake news?

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    •   freddykrueger September 15, 2017

      @happyjack...they really fucked that guy up! ...take away their guns and they'll use boards! ...he might have been a racist asshole but he didn't deserve all that!

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      • wafflecock September 15, 2017

        @freddykrueger Yeah he kinda did. Wellington Square is a communal place for black fellas to congregate as it's a traditional meeting place plus it's close to a major hospital that regional Aboriginal people need access to and rely on the local mob to look out for them while they're away from home.

        That said it's a hot spot for drunken behaviour which for the most part is ignored so as to not seem racist. No way us white fellas could get away with that shit.

        This cunt was out of line but mancock and glassfranger have an idea with what the go is, if crudely expressed. Ouch is a prissy eastern stater who wouldn't know shit outside of how his barista looked longingly at him while making his soy latte... ;)

        +5 -1
        • hiwudjablome September 15, 2017

          @wafflecock ] No not a soy latte....

          +2 -1
          • wafflecock September 15, 2017

            @hiwudjablome What? It's not soy?...

            +3 -1
        • jerkinjeb September 15, 2017


          Thanks for the info Ouch.

          +1 -2
        •   happyjack September 16, 2017

          @wafflecock this explains ouch's rainbows and puppies.

          +3 -0
        •   freddykrueger September 17, 2017

          @wafflecock...nah that was a bit much!

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    •   luvthick September 15, 2017


      Beat me to it. I thought Aussies where more evolved and tolerant of each other. Guess it's all a "Roo!"

      +7 -3
      •   happyjack September 15, 2017

        @luvthick :-) This video is probably doctored. They were more than likely helping each other cut firewood or something.

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  • fatlarry September 15, 2017

    in what context was she using the word bloody

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  • isma September 15, 2017

    me, i love fucking neiggers!!!

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  •   luvthick September 15, 2017

    I loved the ambulance/police car, WTF was that??? Are they arresting kangaroos too?

    +6 -1
    • cazaly September 15, 2017

      @luvthick nah, kangaroos are in protective custody once they heard Rolf Harris got out. Apparently he still wants to tie them down., or fuck them. Most likely both.

      +2 -0
  •   GrimmWilder September 15, 2017

    I ain't touching this one!

    +3 -2
  • cazaly September 15, 2017

    First rule of fight club............ Cuntz cooked. Should've just grabbed a slab and laid bets.

    +1 -1
  •   redpig September 15, 2017

    Forcing the cops to draw tasers? sparrows farting cause cops to draw tasers.

    +2 -1
  •   whobe September 15, 2017

    Call me a nigger and I'm getting myself a telephone pole.

    +3 -1
  • dry terd September 15, 2017

    Dude! Youre not supposed to be racist or public! Geez!

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  •   truckingman September 15, 2017

    Ouch I am wondering if you live in the Perth area.

    +5 -1
  • ob1 September 15, 2017

    Is this ouch's back garden?

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  • txdo_msk September 16, 2017

    What. Did you think he'd call you a wop or chink? Come on, son...

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  • james511969 September 16, 2017

    What did he didgeridoo?

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    •   wombatbytes September 16, 2017

      @james511969 :

      Sittin' at home last Sunday mornin' me mate Boomerrang

      Said he was havin' a few people around for a barbie,

      Said he might Kookaburra or two.

      I said, "Sounds great, will Wallaby there?"

      He said "Yeah and Vegemite come too".

      So I said to the wife "Do you wanna Goanna?".

      She said "I'll go if Dingos".

      So I said "Wattle we do about Nulla?"

      He said "Nullabors me to tears, leave him at home."

      We got to the party about two and walked straight out the kitchen to put some booze in the fridge.

      And you wouldn't believe it, there's Boomer's wife Warra sittin' there tryin' to Platypus!

      Now, I don't like to speak Illawarra, but I was shocked, I mean how much can a Koala bear?

      So I grabbed a beer, flashed me Wangarratta and went out to join the party.

      Pretty soon Ayers Rocks in and things really started jumpin'.

      This Indian girl, Marsu, turns up, dying to go to the toilet but she couldn't find it.

      I said to me mate Al, "Hey, where can Marsupial?"

      He said "She can go outback with the fellas, she's probably seen a cockatoo".

      Well just then Warra comes out of the kitchen with a few drinks for everybody.

      Fair dinkum, you've never seen a Coolabah maid.

      I grabbed a beer and said "Thanks Warra - tah".

      A couple of Queensland at the party, one smellin' pretty strongly of aftershave.

      One of 'em sat down next to me and I turned to him and I said, "Ya know mate, Eureka Stockade!"

      It was a really hot day; Oscar felt like a swim.

      He said to Ina, "Do you want a have a dip in the Riverina?"

      She said "I haven't got my Kosiosko".

      Well Bo says, "Come in starkers, Wattle they care!"

      Ina says "What, without so much as a Thredbo?"

      Ah, Perisher thought!

      Has Eucumbine in yet?

      Well a few of the blokes decided to play some cricket.

      Boomer says "Why doesn't Wombat?"

      "Yeah, and let Tenterfield".

      And he said I should have a bowl but I was too out of it to play cricket so I suggested a game of cards.

      I said to Lyptus "Wanna game of Eucalyptus?"

      He said "There's no point mate, Darwins every time."

      Well Bill said he'd like a smoke.

      Nobody knew where the dope was stashed.

      I said "I think Merinos." But I was just spinning a bit of a yarn.

      Barry pulls a joint out of his pocket.

      Bill says "Great, Barrier Reefer, what is it mate?"

      "Noosa Heads of course. Me mate Adelaide 'em on me."

      And it was a great joint too, Blue Mountains away and his Three Sisters.

      Well I thought I'd roll one meself, I said "Chuck us the Tally Hobart".

      He said "They're out on the Laun, Ceston, can you get 'em for us?"

      Burnie says "Its okay mate, she's apples, I'll get 'em for ya"

      Just then Alice Springs into action, starts to pack Billabong.

      And you wouldn't believe it, the bongs broken. I said "Lord Howe!"

      "Hay-man" somebody says "Will a Didgeridoo?"

      I said "Hummmmm mummmm mummmmm mummmmm maybe it'll have ta."

      I look in the corner and there's Bass sittin' there, not getting into it, not getting out of it,

      I said "What, is Bass Strait or somthin?"

      Boomer says "As a matter a fact mate, he's a cop" I said "Ya jokin mate, a cop,

      I'm getting outta here, lets Goanna." She said "No way, I'm hangin' round till Gum leaves.

      Besides, I don't wanna leave Jacardanda party on his own.

      Have you seen him? I think he's trying to crack on Toowoomba,

      He's already tried to Mount Isa And he'll definitely try to lead you Australiana!"

      +1 -2
    •   wombatbytes September 16, 2017

      @james511969 : How much can a koala bear?

      Credit to Austin Tayshus.

      It's better heard than read - check youtube.

      P.S. I may have broken the 5 line rule.

      +3 -0
      • james511969 September 16, 2017

        @wombatbytes I'll say. Lol. +

        +1 -0
  • glassfranger September 16, 2017

    Racist nigger can call me a cracka but I can't call the welfare recipient a nigger??.. fuck off

    +4 -4
    • fatpig September 16, 2017

      @glassfranger EXACTLY!!!!

      +1 -1
  • bigblackhead September 16, 2017

    damn them niggers from down under is butt ugly

    +5 -3
  • cruiserman September 16, 2017

    5 against 1, the blackies must be proud

    +3 -3
  • doc_ock September 16, 2017

    Being white doesn't make you racist, being a coon doesn't make you Australian

    +3 -3
    •   crazyshit-Cory H. September 16, 2017


      But, referencing black folk as coons probably does make you racist.

      +2 -0
      •   happyjack September 16, 2017

        @Cory H. I'd love to do a study to find out what makes people see the world as you do, as opposed to well the other crazyshit way lol.

        That being said there are plenty others who see it as you do, so I don't mean to offend them.

        +1 -0
  • superbadasssweetdaddyjones September 16, 2017

    Haha what a Fag

    +0 -1
  • frank n. stein September 16, 2017

    Racist pos got what he deserved.

    +1 -0
  •   rockinron September 18, 2017

    dayyyyum i didnt know ouch was against racism so bad!! good kick mate, but it came in a little late so thats gonna be a ten yard penalty against the defense.

    +0 -0
  •   dozer67 September 25, 2017

    FUCK HIM!!! they should have done more..

    +1 -0
  • baddogonline September 27, 2017

    When whites act like niggers.

    +1 -0
  • darkotall9 August 14, 2018

    He got a hard problem

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