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  • letmefindout December 8, 2017

    I drink, I get drunk, I roll around in my own piss. I think I know why Trump identifies with these people.

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    •   toreal December 8, 2017

      @letmefindout +1

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    •   ouch December 8, 2017

      @letmefindout And yet has more money then all of us put together and became the Prez ... I'd guess he'd be burning from our comments huh? lol

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      • wafflecock December 8, 2017

        @ouch he wasn't burning Trump just those stupid enough to follow him. Fact is Trumptard doesn't identify with these people at all but a lot of dumb cunts identify with him weirdly enough.

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  • conciousblackguy December 8, 2017

    Dying with his dick in the dirt

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  •   ketamine<3 December 8, 2017

    I've been that drunk too many times to count.. his buddies should have been holding him up. And RIP Jim Lahey..

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    •   sarge07 December 8, 2017

      @ketamine<3 his buddies were so drunk that time stood still.

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    •   sarge07 December 8, 2017

      @ketamine<3 who's Jim Lahey?

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      •   ketamine<3 December 8, 2017

        @sarge07 the guy at the end of the video. He was on a Canadian show called Trailer Park Boys. It is fucking hilarious if your into that kind of humor. He passed away not long ago.

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  •   maddog123 December 8, 2017

    I believe I would fit right in with those drunk fuckers over there I like vodka and there women are ugly as fuck just like the sluts here in these ga trailer parks I hang out in

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    • srv December 8, 2017


      Do those trailer parks with fugly sluts happen to be located in Gators Creek, Georgia?

      And if so, do you happen to know a skinny, little, white, stammering, chicken-necked cripple named Jimbob?

      And if so, do you know his big, fat, black, deep gutteral-voiced, Jheri curl wearing, hubcap shining partner named Junkyard Willie?

      Go ahead and ponder that and let me know ...

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      •   happyjack December 8, 2017

        @srv I lived in Geargia for a spell. You talkin about Cripple Jim who used to hang out with Gimpy Gill?

        And Junkyard Willie who's best friend's cousin goes by Scrap Heap Sam?

        Damn shame what happened to Steel Plate Steve. .....

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        •   wombatbytes December 8, 2017

          @happyjack : And Face-Plant Pattie - she's only good for doggy style now!

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        • srv December 9, 2017


          Well I'm headin' down to Bung Rapids for a quick visit to my old buddy, John Fuller Schitt.

          Then I'll be headin' further south to Taintville to visit my Uncle Itchy and my cousin, Scratchy.

          Then, it'll be a hop-skip-and-a-jump to Gator's Creek where I'll be sure to say hello for ya to all those you mentioned.

          And it sure is a damn shame about S.P. Steve, though his Mama now gets a few extra channels than before.

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      •   GrimmWilder December 8, 2017


        Used to be this whore in high school, 'Linda'...we's doin a little in-out in-out after a football game and one fella found a lima bean stuck to his dick after cornholing linda ....whom was henceforth known as "Limabean-Linda".....she had a friend everybody called 'Judy Cricket' cuz her knees bent backwards...lol

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        • srv December 9, 2017


          I knew a girl in school named Penny who had gas and sphincter issues. When she would fart, which would be often, there would be a very loud, audible pop before the actual huge fart. This would literally startle some students to jump up from their seats ... which would sometimes include me when I was "zoning" from being stoned.

          I always felt bad for her, but it would always be Smitty and I to be the last to stop laughing, though we would try to stifle it as much as possible ... I mean, we weren't animals! ;-)

          Anyways, she became known as the infamous "Pooter Pop Penny".

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  • kore December 8, 2017

    Ummmmm, yup!!! Give him another bottle

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  •   maddog123 December 8, 2017

    Didn't know Jim died damn!!!!! Wondered why they stopped doing the shows in the trailer park the shit there shooting now sucks

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  •   GrimmWilder December 8, 2017

    Too much potato juice+shitty wingman=face full-o-piss....lol

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  • ithinkimdumb December 8, 2017


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  •   stenchfart December 8, 2017

    drunk..falling face down in the gutter.. in your own piss...I can relate

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  • airsporter December 8, 2017

    They might be your Mates but they arent going to aim it for you!

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  • rouge_et_blanc December 8, 2017

    poor guy was thirsty for some rain and roadshit water

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  • bigblackhead December 8, 2017

    that counts as his bath for the week

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  • dry terd December 8, 2017

    Probably not the first time he's had a face full of piss

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  • wafflecock December 8, 2017

    At best he fell in to a puddle of vodka that has been filtered 4 times.

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  •   picklehiesner December 8, 2017

    I pissed in my closet once

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  •   truckingman December 8, 2017

    THe drunkard was face planted into his own MF" URINE, PISS!!!!!!

    LMMF"AO, .......................................

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  • skankhunt42 December 8, 2017

    He needs a dick in the mouth

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  •   nybadguy December 8, 2017

    Were those his teef. Yikes. Here bro take this roxy. It's on the house lol

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  • working4theweekend December 8, 2017

    Stumble bum drunkard

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  • zhiguly December 8, 2017

    @ouch Trump is a senile piece of shit with gold fever. He's going the way of Reagan hopefully sooner then later.

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  • hateingyou June 20, 2018

    rest in peace

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