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  • bombomking11 December 12, 2017

    Teacher: Who knew that fails can end with regrets

    Class: *all raises hands*

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  • joe_head71 December 12, 2017

    game over bomberman, you didn´t kill a damn bug.

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  •   GrimmWilder December 12, 2017

    You don't even get a half a virgin for that, Goatfucker!

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  • kiwi cunt December 12, 2017

    I got family visiting NY just before Christmas. Thanks a bunch, you fucking sand nigger.

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  • mehofjack December 12, 2017

    Mission accomplished be a dumbass

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  • airsporter December 12, 2017

    I dont want to hear his reasons....

    Thats just wrong.

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    •   sarge07 December 12, 2017

      @airsporter contrary to liberal views, these people cannot be trusted. Look at Europe, and the millions invading, they demand that everyone cater to them and follow THEIR laws. The Quran states that the followers of Islam cannot be friends with the Non believers, or Infidels.

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  • joedumber December 12, 2017

    @GrimmWilder he's in New York man now he's famous thery'll be nymphos sneaking into his hospital room

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    • srv December 12, 2017


      If there'll be nymphs sneaking into his room, then I would demand the head of de Blasio on a stake!! Even w/out the nymphs sneaking in I demand de Blasio's head on a stake!! Fuck the nymphs!! New York is a pussy town since he took over. Fuck him, his atrocious looking wife and his huge afro-pickin' son. He ruined that town and he disgraced the entire city's police force. Off with his fucking head.

      And I'm not even from that fucking town! But it doesn't matter. An american city is an american city is an american city. I'm originally from Chicago, but now I reside in San Diego. But any city in this nation I would defend from any filthy, foreign swine ... you better believe that shit!

      Remember the movie, "Red Dawn"?

      "Wolverines!!" ... "Wolverines!!"

      Oooh! Lookey here! A mighty sweet friend of mine just popped through the door ... I gotz ta go!

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      •   sarge07 December 12, 2017

        @srv New Yorkers got fucked when they voted in Bloomberg who started treating the city as his own fiefdom, almost all of his asinine directives have been overturned buy the courts, then you voted in an ever more liberal douchebag de Blasio who said fuck the government all illegal aliens are welcome here?

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        • thugnasty22 December 12, 2017


          Do you live in New York?

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        • srv December 12, 2017


          Giuliani whipped New York into shape. Crime was way down. The city actually looked presentable. And when Bloomberg was voted in, he continued the trend.

          But when de Blasio took office, forget it. The city and it's entire police force has suffered.

          When the left has control of a municipality, they utterly run it into the ground. It's a travesty.

          Now, the following is one of the issues that the black population needs to come to grips with: continuing to follow and vote Democrat when the left has continued year after year after year to cater to/lie to and then once voted into office, exploit/neglect the black population. But yet, the blacks, like lemmings, continue this unnerving trend. Why?

          In a way, the Democrat party is that missing dad so many black families put up with. He's there at first all lovey dovey, poking the mom, buying a few gifts for the kids. But once he had his fill (wins the office) he bails, not to be seen for another four or so years. Why is it only so prevalent in the black community and ... no ... other? ... Why? ... Why?

          Own it and fix it.

          Own it and fix it.

          Own it and fix it.

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  • stinkburger December 12, 2017

    72 virgins....all goats.

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    •   sarge07 December 12, 2017

      @stinkburger 72 Nuns with rulers.

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  • illspoken December 12, 2017

    Women suicide bombers must have it really bad.I mean they get 75 virgin men, sex must be awful...

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    •   sarge07 December 12, 2017

      @illspoken yea, 72 bumbling pre ejaculators

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  • bigblackhead December 12, 2017


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  • cazaly December 12, 2017

    Piece of shit needs to be taken out , tied up to a tree and given a second chance to pass bombing 101. Or just a bullet to the head.

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  • felterupgood December 12, 2017

    He fucked up so bad that ISIS won't even claim his sorry ass.

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    • stevenkk December 12, 2017

      @felterupgood hahahahaha good one +

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  •   ketamine<3 December 12, 2017

    Can't even build a decent pipe bomb.. it's strapped to your body and you live? Ya fucking bitch ass nancy.

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  • dry terd December 12, 2017

    Back to the goat farm

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    • frank n. stein December 12, 2017

      AKA: His sister wives.

      No, there are no women where he's going.

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  •   sarge07 December 12, 2017

    The fuckin terrorists family are complaining about how they are being investigated.

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    •   nybadguy December 12, 2017

      @sarge07 yeah. Dumb fucks. What do they think. Shit he did it i guess were in the clear.

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  • peaks December 12, 2017

    Asshole Akbar!

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  •   truckingman December 12, 2017

    Did the suicide bomber detonate a dry chemical fire extinguisher?

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  • blackenedamerica December 12, 2017

    i wonder will be at least have one goat to blow in the next life

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  • deadpen December 12, 2017

    maybe send in the 1st string when going for the big A.

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  •   nybadguy December 12, 2017

    I know a cop that was there I'm trying to get the close up shot he took.

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  • sealex December 12, 2017

    No virgins for this motherfucker!! He gets the rest of that pipe shoved up his asshole in prison daily by Tyrone in Brokers! Cocksucker!! I hope you die a slow painful miserable death and when you do guess What, Tyrone will be right there waitin for you!

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  • hiwudjablome December 13, 2017

    Goat fucker down....

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  • ambermay December 13, 2017

    Guess no one would send him bobs & vageen.

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