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  • rubber February 17, 2018

    Why not just them be socially awkward? It's more fun for the rest of us.

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    • frank n. stein February 18, 2018

      How many Policia does it take to get tiny-dick GOFF out of the road?!? And why didn't they apprehend him while he was Coke dancing by that car, wearing his baby bib?

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  • goff February 17, 2018

    The Baluga tribe went on a rampage.

    Redmeadow escapes out of it's bag again, wallawilly is pouring beer on it's head again with it's gaping jungle mouth (creeps), francis steinbaum suckin' dick at the L depot, wombat flailing nudey as usual like a douche that he is gets plundered ... like the douche that he is.

    And you see halfthang asleep naked like an infant on top of a snoozing supfishing out on the beach. Two idiot viruses, I must say.

    And who is filming and laughing at them?

    lafind ... that's who ... right, sup?

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    • harly9 February 17, 2018

      @goff Once again you fail at being relevant.

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      • muzziesarescum February 17, 2018

        @harly9 hey GOFF should be relevant for a min at least. Can't believe he took a shotgun blast to the thigh and kept on hoping around.

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      • goff February 17, 2018


        And you are? ... seriously.

        Another hanger on.

        Did I ever have words with you?

        Did I ever insult you personally?

        No, to both questions.

        And that goes for the majority of the assholes who talk shit to this day.

        You are clueless as to why this is how it is, but you just join in like a lemming. You are part of a sliver of a sliver of a sliver of idiots who suck the wics clown's cock. Why? IDK.

        There are tons of members who don't give a rat's ass OR possibly see the clown in the wrong ... who knows.

        But like I said, you just became part of a very, very small band of blind wics moles that follow the pan flute-playing wics clown all the way to hamilton island — with a pit-stop brokeville.

        So, don't talk to me about relevance, little girl, because if ignorance is bliss, then you're one giddy motherfucker.

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    •   wombatbytes February 17, 2018

      @goof : Still sucking CS cock, I see.

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      • goff February 17, 2018


        Are muslim? Arab?

        Answer please.

        Im being cool about it.

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      •   happyjack February 17, 2018

        @wombatbytes By far the most annoying CS member of all time

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        •   sarge07 February 17, 2018

          @happyjack almost as bad as sobitchy, but it's getting close

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          • goff February 18, 2018


            By using your logic, then you and jack would be annoying as well. Because I spoofed on those who spoofed on me ?

            Because I had to explain to some newbie who I did nothing to who jumps the bandwagon and attacks me that he is now a lemming as well?

            You two try to display an elder wisdom, but it seems to be what you often see where you live, Chief ... a mirage.

            Especially you, Fred. I offer to be cool with you and you just ignore. That's not a sign of wisdom.

            Far from it.

            And you initiated attacks with me, Sarge.

            That's the O N L Y reason why I started up with you.

            And only after the third time.

            But I'm the most annoying.

            Hypocrisy reigns supreme.

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            •   sarge07 February 18, 2018

              @goff shut the fuck up, you are not the victim, any victim. You're nothing more than a 12yo wanna be big shot who has to make his/her miserable life relevant by picking on others and saying you are only doing so out of retaliation. Bullshit!! Shut the fuck up and act like an adult, if of course you can.

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    • bobadfett February 17, 2018

      @goff rock on there Beetlejuice.. hahaha yeah not really.try harder you might get somewhere in life one way or another

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      • goff February 17, 2018


        Beet? Me?

        We both are financially sound.

        Hopefully, u r 2 ...

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        • frank n. stein February 18, 2018

          @goff Your dancing in this video sucks! When you give blowjobs in alleys for money, do the dicks slide thru that huge gap in your teeth?

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    • redmeadowlegion February 17, 2018


      goff I'm limber. how else do you think I get into you mom's basement and blow load on your tickle me Elmo every night? have you ever wondered why it snows when he shakes?

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    • joedumber February 17, 2018

      @goff not bad goff and not quite there......i charge for tuition and books, with 5 week long courses that'll have you up and writing like a genius. Of course, if you let me fuck your 19 yo sister for 10 weeks i'll drop all costs.

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  • maxm60 February 17, 2018

    That's entertainment! Cheaper than pay-per-view too.

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  •   GrimmWilder February 17, 2018

    Meanwhile back in Dogpatch.....................................................

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  • ugandanwarrior February 17, 2018

    I loved every one of these...

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  • robertcop February 17, 2018

    Little thing, small as pearls, that guy getting sucked was hung just like a squirrel. but there's nothing he can do, he's only got a 3 inch tool

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    •   sarge07 February 17, 2018

      @robertcop support your local chapter of IBPS Itty Bitty Pecker Syndome

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  • stinkburger February 17, 2018

    That dude getting a BJ has a clit.

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  • carlosmandick February 17, 2018

    Gotta give the naked guy credit for the way he dodged that club

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  • bobadfett February 17, 2018

    The crazy on the train and the one wearing a bib and pouring something on there head must of been on something really fucked up.. maybe they did the tide pods challange

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    • bigsmokey86 February 17, 2018

      @bobadfett I can't believe people actually eat Tide Pods for attention.

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      •   sarge07 February 17, 2018

        @bigsmokey86 social media is a plague for the simpleminded

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  • fiddledeedee February 17, 2018

    It was sad to see that part with Al Franken in the last clip. Oh, how the mighty have fallen.

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  • arg February 17, 2018

    I kinda felt sorry for the dancing naked guy when he got shot in the leg, it took all his fabulous away...

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  • bwooly February 17, 2018

    It all looked like innocent fun to me.

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  • tbcxtc February 17, 2018

    My sister danced like this the first time she Heard Havana too. They should just put the music off

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  • lippa February 17, 2018

    Vid 1-I’ve been their

    Vid 2-wtf

    Vid 3-wtf


    Vid 5-lucky prick

    Vid 6-took that bullet like a champ!

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    •   sarge07 February 17, 2018

      @lippa bean bag, no bullet

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  • los_pedos_saco February 17, 2018


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  •   lafind February 17, 2018

    Humanity not at it's finest.

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  •   sarge07 February 17, 2018

    What was that creature in the bib?

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    •   goodster February 17, 2018

      @sarge07 @goff!

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      •   sarge07 February 17, 2018

        @goodster no wonder it's so mean

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        •   goodster February 18, 2018

          @sarge07 It's been beaten and neglected for so long, now that it's out of it's box it just doesn't know how to act around common decant people.

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  • a kid February 17, 2018

    The drugs made that last guy psychic for a minute see how he ducked that blow

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  • frank n. stein February 18, 2018

    #1 was sexy!

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  •   freddykrueger February 20, 2018

    ...that train whore gave some nice head!

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  • ninjakorn February 20, 2018

    That last naked guy was a god damn ninja! The cop swung on him from behind and he spidey senced that shit!

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  • ss99 February 21, 2018

    wtf was 2nd one ?

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  • pidor5050 March 22, 2018

    Have you ever wondered how those ugly niggers even live knowing they are so ugly lol

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