There Are Better Ways To Test This shit Out

Jesse U.
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  •   wicked_m4 June 4, 2005

    This was set up. I will bet that the powder and shot was removed from the shell and the only this that might have hit him was the wad. And the noise heard was the primer. The gun looked like a Benelli 12 gauge and even a Benelli would have more recoil than that, I dont care what anybody says.

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  • bpmolder June 4, 2005

    Doesn't a shotgun make more noise than that?

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  • burgie June 4, 2005

    Fucktards at play.

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  • doc_5729 June 4, 2005

    yup db, it is a pellet rifle. come on over and i'll show you one just like it. it's the pump variety, pump it up about 10 - 12 times and a pellet will go through 3/4" plywood with no problems. from the sound, that one was pumped 8-10 times. stupid.........

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  • archemedes_rex June 5, 2005

    Gunshots don't come out well over a microphone.

    Watch CNN. It was a real shotgun. prolly with birdshot. at that range it would still hurt.

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  • bpmolder June 5, 2005

    That's why I was asking....I don't even know the difference between a shotgun and a pellet gun....some weapons expert I am. lol

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  •   wicked_m4 June 5, 2005

    Hell I didnt even know they had pellet guns that look like Benelli shotguns. I guess I only know about REAL guns, not childrens toys.

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  • spongemike June 5, 2005

    I agree with m4s first post. Just the wad.

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  • pernicious2mil June 6, 2005

    Yeah, first post is right, it did have kick so that means no pellet gun, however you would've seen a slug and I REALLY highly doubt these IDIOT'S are STUPID enough to use bird shot, buck shot, or anyting of that nature sense they were testing a VEST and he had an unguarded face..... if it was bird shot.... these guys are more moronic that privously belived in my book

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  • bpmolder June 6, 2005

    Damn, coop, you used all three of your famous names all in one post.....loser, peckerhead and fuckwad....good job buddy.....

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  • pernicious2mil June 7, 2005

    ... just one question...

    who's doc?

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  • bpmolder June 7, 2005

    Well coop, you are an asshole, but a likeable one, so peace to you man.....

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  • archemedes_rex June 8, 2005

    I still think it looks like a pump shotgun, regardless of what it fired. And why is coop so drunk at 8:49 on a Tuesday?

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  • bpmolder June 8, 2005

    Because it is 8:49 on a

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  • bpmolder June 9, 2005

    Yeah, I figured that coop, just didn't want to do the complex math involved in counting ahead 7 hours. lol

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  • elbourne1022 March 29, 2006

    a couple of pointers for you here gents

    1. it has no kickback and no matter if the shell has been taken apart and fucked with it would still kick

    2. there is next to no sound so therefore it is not a shot gun unless it is a silenced one which stupid hillbillies would not have the money to purachse one.

    3. which ever idiot thought they were using bird shot is fucking stupid cos why would any one want to be shot with bird shot without their head been covered.

    4. it is not a slug becuse slugs will just fuck you right up even with body armour

    5. most shot guns even pump actions dont have rear sights on them most have beads.

    if you are doubting my credibility i was an armourer for 3 years and did bollistics testing for a couple of murder appeals so good night fucktards

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