Stupid video of bottle rocket fun?

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Is he passed out? Or just a stupid video? I think he’s just stupid. You have to be stupid to put some fireworks in your ass to impress your friends. Well it made me laugh, so it was worth something.

  • bbeens July 29, 2005

    Dumb fucker!! Bet he can't wait till he turns 40 so the Dr. can jam his finger in his ass!

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  • archemedes_rex July 29, 2005

    Why can't people learn to hold the camera straight?! We missed the thing exploding in his ass!! Dammit!

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  • tat2frankie July 29, 2005

    why didnt the stupid ass camera man keep it on him???

    what a waste.

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  • skittletoes July 29, 2005

    yeah definatly a dumbass he was moving

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  • bluntforce July 30, 2005

    i'll bet he had to wipe his butt with a powder puff for a week

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  • stinkychron420 August 1, 2006

    jackass wannabees

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  • kenfromdublin March 14, 2009

    How do these fire cracker in the asshole idiots not realise that their dumb ass is about to be effectively blow-torched with it's inevitable extreme agony and burns.

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  • squirrelkiller May 31, 2009

    dumb fucks,but still funny

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  • naturalspirit July 27, 2017

    young dumb and full of com!

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