Sleep Now, Sleep Now

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I was fucking laughing out loud watching these people go down to sleep. Especially the guys on the left side, as the one dude fights it as much as possible, then finally gives in.

  • christ316 October 4, 2005


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  • redskin420 October 4, 2005

    Man this shit is so fuckin fake.The woman on the left was awake enough to brush her hair out of her face.

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  • icecold October 4, 2005

    i aggree with red

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  • ehs October 4, 2005

    I too think it is fake. Has anyone ever officially been hypnotized??? Fuck, I can't spell it, but my English teacher is long gone

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  • stuemarini October 4, 2005

    i know hard to realize but its no fake.... and its real spooky

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  • archemedes_rex October 4, 2005

    I fell asleep watching it.

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  • jwkj1274 October 4, 2005


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  • deviant1 October 5, 2005

    thats some stupid shit

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  • burdenedbro October 5, 2005

    Yeah youre right stuemarini..... when I sleep I put my hands up for people about to fall on me too (like the chick did when the guy layin down on the left rolls out of the chairs he's layin on) then I brush my hair to the side to make sure Im still looking good ... dumbass

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  • fhwrestlr October 5, 2005

    I really didn't trueley understand what that guy was doing.

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  • tree88 October 5, 2005

    It is real. Next time he is in your town, go see him and hope you can become one of the participants. Been there and done that. Have video to prove. Just get someont to video your part. You will not do anything you normally would not do.....

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