Any Landing You Can Walk Away From...

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It's like that ghetto ass movie with Snoop Dogg as an airline pilot. I forget the name of the damm movie, but it was ghetto as hell. But they had the plane with hydraulics on it. Ok, never mind, I'm not very with it today.

  • stuemarini October 19, 2005

    dont know... looks radio controlled...

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  • bossadl1 October 19, 2005

    this vid sucks

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  • ihavenoliver October 19, 2005

    Yeah Soul Plane did suck

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  • freakpower October 19, 2005

    very fake, very R/C.

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  • cleanclam October 19, 2005

    another no-frills airline? Please use care when opening the overhead compartments, as contents may have shifted during the flight, and certainly did during that landing.

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  • archemedes_rex October 19, 2005

    Think of all the airsickness bags exploding against the ceiling.

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  •   thundermug October 19, 2005

    Better get some comped drinks to go with my soiled underwear...

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  • djdynasty October 19, 2005

    Actually its not an R/C. The pilot was drunk landing in Denver, Colorado and was arrested upon landing...

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  • nomorewelfare October 19, 2005

    I dont know what airport that is, but I can tell you its not Denver. It looked fake r/c to me, how could it bounce that fast or hard and not rip the nose gear off.

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  • moonchild69 October 20, 2005

    talk about bumping your ass when trying to learn how to fly...

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  • jimnkristy October 20, 2005

    Totally fake. First of all the plane wouldnt bounce off the front gear that fast. No way. Secondly, who the fuck cares. heh

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  • braody October 21, 2005

    I think its the drunk jap that hit those guys trying to put the scooter in the back car... get him in a passanger seat and away from the driver seat!

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  • gnasher October 26, 2017

    loads filled pants onboard

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