For You Homophobes

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Just think, now your most inner homo feelings won't come out when you bite into a nice juicy wiener! You'll be able to keep your pretend man life until the day you finally decide to come out of the closet.

  • pastafarian November 11, 2005

    omg that was funny! i think i know of about 30-40 people who could use thouse....p.s. gay

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  • archemedes_rex November 11, 2005

    Whoa, that really WAS gay.

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  • guyschips1 November 11, 2005

    man i got to get me one of those t-shirts that the monkey was wearing

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  • cleanclam November 12, 2005

    i gotta get me one of them monkeys

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  • mike_d November 13, 2005

    I think they posted that for GAYCHIPS.

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  • lilwhiteguy1 November 13, 2005

    bignigga musta been in the army w/ that fuckin fag...

    all these fuckin ppl are the same...

    notice any similarities?

    blacks are stupid...

    fuckin homos are stupid...

    fuckin spics are stupid...

    white power bitches!!!

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  • lilwhiteguy1 November 13, 2005

    bignigga made his first appearance in a video in this site...


    after not making the call-backs for the niggerz gettin shot at...

    he made it on to this one...

    if u look closely at the monkey kissin the banana...


    thats him...

    funny though...

    how'd they get him to wear that shirt speakin out against his own ppl???

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  • nathan November 14, 2005

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  • whitewolfsgal November 14, 2005

    this is some funny shit

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