Jay Walkers Paying Karma

Jay walkers getting what they deserve. If you jump out in front of traffic, you should expect to get ran the fuck over. They're lucky they were able to just walk away.

  • metzger January 17, 2006

    Ha ha ha stupid blind bitches!!!

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  •   thundermug January 17, 2006

    That brings back memories, except I got to spend 5 days in the hospital.

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  • dr_retard January 17, 2006

    so are you the 1st or the 2nd jaywalker?????????

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  • dadrumerboi January 17, 2006

    It must be the prunes they eat.

    metzger it would funny if they was related to you.

    sooner or later you'll be a blind bitch

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  • metallicalover January 17, 2006

    Sorry bout that thunder!!!

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  • zazu pitts January 17, 2006

    Apparently drivers in less developed nations are now using cell phones.

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  • jacksonsguilty January 17, 2006

    I think it's funny that China has the highest rate of car accidents in the world. That's a fact. I saw it on the news about 2 months ago, and that shit made me laugh. They can't drive even in their own country.

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  • fir3blade January 17, 2006

    naw man jackson is right those fuckers dont know how to drive for shit i was drivin on the highway with my dad a couple of months ago and this asian guy backed up right into a ditch fuckin retard and he was driving a very nice mercedes too...dumb fucks

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  • dadrumerboi January 18, 2006

    i agree wit jackson. too. asian make the best cars and fuck them up. by the way jackson i think dbcoop forgot to call you stupid a few months ago. you can look for your self. I think yall should talk it out and settle this like men. if not i can video camera the fight and post on Crazyshit for yall. FYI. for your info. HOLLA.

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  • mike_d January 18, 2006


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  • username January 18, 2006


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  • kissieface3769 January 18, 2006

    250 pts!!

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  • pablosdog January 18, 2006

    these old broads just got up and walked away!! them Russian chicks are fucking sturdy!!

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  • zareste January 18, 2006

    Anyone else get the feeling those 'police videos' shows exist to scare people into obeying fascism and destruction? I almost expect a video to appear with the narration: "This woman refused to show her papers and tried to run from the officers when asked for sexual favors. The police were forced to fire and shot her within an inch of her life. Two bystanders were killed by stray bullets; criminals endanger everyone around them when they run from the law. Fortunately, this female fugitive will be behind bars and raped daily by prison guards who won't let her endanger anyone ever again."

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  • burdenedbro January 19, 2006

    Damn Zareste.... Its not all bad out there if you can think for yourself. I am not doomed to be a puppet but there are alot of em. They will go first and then we will be left to fight the man!! *someones watching me now..... have to go* Lol

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  • rockybalboa January 20, 2006

    If you can't take life as it is, then go fuck yourself zareste and then I wll go to your house and fuck your sister.

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  • zareste January 20, 2006

    Ah, sorry about my distaste for Nazis. Maybe you'll feel better if you go take your pills or shoot someone. Burn a cross, perhaps? Killing a jew would surely cheer you up. Go ahead!

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  • jacksonsguilty January 24, 2006

    I will be the first to admit that I'm stupid, but you have to admit some of my shit's funny. Hell, look at my name "JacksonsGUILTY" Hmmm... Who could I be referring to?

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