He's Down And He's Hurt

Jesse U.
5,495 Views 1 decade ago

I bet those people felt pretty stupid after they found themselves on the floor.

  • pitbull89x February 15, 2006

    Welcome To Thunderdome Bitch

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  • yokiti February 15, 2006

    You got to give it to the rider... He landed that, despite missing the ramp. The only reason he fell is that half of the bones in his body snapped on impact.

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  • cap-n_obvious February 15, 2006

    nice going fonzie

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  • fierce February 15, 2006

    See... being a nosey-ass kills! I swear...

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  • kissieface3769 February 15, 2006

    yep... gravity still works....

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  • bitteroldman February 15, 2006

    Dude, let's get there early and get a good spot right next to the railing.

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  • markcurry February 15, 2006

    show evil kanival show him at las vegas come on show that footage

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  • metallicalover February 15, 2006

    This guy has nothing on Evel Knievel!!! I liked this guys superhero costume!!!

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  • dreddedone February 15, 2006

    Well god damn, guess curiosity killed the spectators

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  • rc2james February 15, 2006

    That looked like a European soccer game.

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  • tribalattack February 15, 2006

    The way the guy is commentating it looks like everythings gonna be ok

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  • gurtman23 February 16, 2006

    and why did they turn the guy over have they never heard of back or neck injuries??? dumbfucks

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  • pablosdog February 16, 2006

    exactly what I was thinking gurt. If he wasn't dead then they helped send him on his way!! BTW it wasn't the guys at the front of the railing that broke it. Idiots in back pushing did it!!

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  • zazu pitts February 16, 2006

    Ha Ha Ha LMFAO Double the laffs. First at the asswipe on the bike then at all the asswipes injured trying to see the first injured asswipe.

    Why can't arab terrorists target an "event" like this the next time they want to kill some Americans.

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  • deathtolls24_7 February 16, 2006

    wtf!!!!! are people really that fucking stupid

    y dont they just watch it here and save themselves a lot of ass grabin sweaty bodys fall all over them

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  • jacksonsguilty February 18, 2006

    Welcome to Dipshitville.

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  • 2005yz250 February 20, 2006

    evel knievel wasnt very good at all... he had no form when he was jumpin all he knew how to do was get on a bike hit 7o-80 mph and go up a ramp... no jumpin skills at all... any pro motocrosser these days has the skill to out perform evel any time

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