Neck Breaker

Jesse U.
6,694 Views 1 decade ago

This guy took one nasty fall. I would venture off and say that it probably changes him for the rest of life. I just can't see someone walking away from that.

  • pandochka February 24, 2006


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  • rabanga February 24, 2006


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  • guyschips1 February 24, 2006

    oooooohhhh i know that hurt

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  • billdgar February 24, 2006

    look ma, no son

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  • cap-n_obvious February 24, 2006

    retard I put these guys right up there with anyone who messes with wild animals he got what he deserved

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  • sanfordsarpie February 24, 2006

    I would realy apreciate it if you were to just un-register from this site rabanga. I could give two shits If guychips is gay or what he did to piss you off. I think everyone would agree that we are getting tired of your posts. If you're not going to comment on the video, please don't post at all.

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  • tribalattack February 24, 2006

    the tide is turning and people are starting to supprt guyschips over hebanga

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  • belgarath February 25, 2006

    I could be wrong, but I believe rabanga is trying to make a statement about guychips posts. Rabanga what you fail to realize is by doing so you have shown your own lack of originality. If he hasn't gotten your point yet, he's not going to. Move on already. Unless you have a crush on him, and hope if you say it enough he will come to believe it, and go out with you. In which case you should still move on, maybe to San Francisco, I hear they have plenty of people of your persuasion there.

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  • jacksonsguilty February 25, 2006

    let me get this straight, he crashed going straight? What a hern.

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  • zazu pitts February 25, 2006

    Useless eaters.

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  • buddernutts February 25, 2006

    nose plants ruin fork seals, and apparently nasal passages too.

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  • duderseb February 26, 2006


    How do you just flip like that???

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  • pandochka February 26, 2006

    wtf is a hern?

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  • pablosdog February 27, 2006

    has anybody seen my face? It was right here on my skull a minute ago

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  • buddernutts March 2, 2006

    O M F G DUDE! pandochka I've been rolling for about ten minutes.........I read your post ^^^ while thinking what you made pop fly outta my nose. HERN ha ha ha ha ha You fuckin HERN!! HA HA HA HA!!!!!! hern hern hern hern HERN!!!

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  • jacksonsguilty March 4, 2006

    A hern is defined by Webster's dictionary as any jackass that can crash his bike while going straight. See also dipshit.

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  • d90girl November 11, 2007


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