A time to give

Even though it's not Christmas anymore that doesn't mean you should stop giving to the needy. People need help year around so if there is an lonely ass out there don't feel bad if your the one to comfort it.

  • havanutha January 14, 2008

    Oh yeah. More genius. Keep these comin'. Can't get enough of these "hilarious" cartoons. The best cartoons are right here. See. It's not even believable when you say it either.

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  • boneyak January 14, 2008

    Ok honey, Why don't you use your nose then and I'll pound you from behind. (best i could come up with under the circumstances)

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  • twistatoe January 14, 2008

    Reminds me of my husband...haha

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  • sleeko January 15, 2008

    ^^^ Which one, is you?

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  • twistatoe January 15, 2008

    :lol: the one with the concerned look on her face..contemplating whether this really IS charity or not...(the one with the purse)

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  • ninja60 January 16, 2008

    How could someone miss a trashcan THAT close? Fucking litterbugs...

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