Someone Get These Guys Some Ice

I hate to even know how or what they did to get like that.

  • niles549822001 June 4, 2006

    Now and then we do see crazyshit!

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  • xxxsandoohs June 11, 2007

    I'm more disturbed by the fact that two grown men are just kicking back together with no pants on, acting like everything is perfectly normal. Nevermind the huge nutsack.

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  • xantradorn January 21, 2008

    like father, like son

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  • xxsunkistxoxxx July 25, 2010

    umm well when yur a girl n then yu get a sex change yu obiv get a pair of balls goin on and the whole package and shit but yur able to Pump up yur nutts to like an fullness or w,e.. i saw it on some discovery thing.. so Im like 60% sure they used to be girls.. or there related and there mom fucked a brother or a Offspring from one of the creatures from the Hills have eyes.. either way.. There fucked up

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  • ghosthunter September 30, 2010

    Ive got big balls, but mine are natural.

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  • blowsmoke November 14, 2010

    It's injections of some sort what it is.... the same shit they use for tits only this is literal injections of the shit...

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  • stevenh915 January 7, 2011

    its called saline, its a fluid used in medicine to re-hydrate patients, basically its salt water.

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  • bignuts2go May 31, 2012

    nice saline infusion

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  • rusticdusty February 20, 2014

    Look what paps tought me

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  •   maddog123 June 19, 2015

    Hey that's ouch and his buddy happyjacks

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