Pimp my shitter!

Now if you go out and get you some fine designer toilet paper you'd be in there. Toilet paper like this. Especially the second to last.

  • tgarner December 15, 2012

    I feel like I need to take a royal shit!

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  • urapnes1701d December 15, 2012

    Now thats impressive! And a must on any mans Christmas list!

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  • swazzi December 15, 2012

    It's Oprah's think tank.

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  • dubjunkee December 15, 2012

    All that and he still couldnt get a better lid.

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  • frankdrebin December 15, 2012

    really, does he think his shit don't stink like chicken gristle or something?

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  •   potrostation December 15, 2012

    no gold seat?

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  • playhard24 December 15, 2012

    Shit colored tiles...nice touch.

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  • unwell82 December 15, 2012

    How does it flush?

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  • biggertalk December 15, 2012

    dropping deuces like a boss

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  • 2indastink December 15, 2012

    fucking shit.l+1771*/7987

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  •   crazyvet December 15, 2012

    If that bitch stops up, do you call a plumber or a designer?

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  • m1009 December 15, 2012

    This must belong to an Towel Head, white mans shitter is a standard toilet, a black mans toilet is an empty KFC bucket and a mexican just shits where ever he feels like it

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  • tonkpils420 December 15, 2012

    porcilain gods are not pleased

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  • ghosthunter December 15, 2012

    See what happens when a nigga wins the lotto..

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  • clitoris December 15, 2012

    Looks uncomfortable, and is that a $15 seat and lid?

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  • buttplugger December 16, 2012

    It flushes by staring into the lions eye.

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  • clunt December 16, 2012

    Talk about a royal flush. Pimp shit box

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  •   rockinron December 16, 2012

    well a nigger dont own it....it dont have rims on it worth more than the toilet!

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  • clitoris December 16, 2012

    Cracking Down On Racism

    on 06.26.2012

    It’s been a while since we here at crazyshit have cracked down on the needless racism, and I think it’s long overdue. It’s gotten pretty out of control due to Jay and myself both being busy with other projects, and my lack of reading comments because most of them are lame and have no entertainment value, but if anything inspires me to get more involved with the members, it’s banning them. And of course chatting with the girls who are awesome enough to privately email me naked pictures of themselves.

    Let’s start off with something I think is pretty funny. Any picture with black people is guaranteed to get at least five unoriginal comments referencing bigtalk or biggertalk. That’s not funny, but what is funny is that they aren’t even black. They’ve clearly stated that before. I’m pretty sure bigtalk is Puerto Rican, which I suppose is the same as black to most of you, and biggertalk is white as can be. But I understand you’re lacking in creativity and attention to detail.

    Now don’t get me wrong, racist jokes are funny, and we all love to laugh at a good comment making fun of blacks loving chicken or not being able to swim, but why does there have to be so much hate?

    I’m under the impression that Jay created this site to laugh at shit, be grossed out by shit and to just have some fun not working a real job. He didn’t create it so every white supremacist with a computer could come on here and tell us how much he hates niggers. If you hate them so much, then walk up to a group of them, spit in their faces and call them stupid, dirty niggers. And make sure to video it for us.

    But you won’t do that, because you’re just a big pussy who finds safety behind his keyboard. All talk, no action. Does that about sum you up, internet tough guy?

    Let me make it clear that I am well accustomed to all aspects of niggerdom, and a lot of it really sucks balls. Niggers are loud, obnoxious, ignorant, and do lots of stupid shit like go into debt to drive shitty cars with rims that are worth three times more than the car itself, and wear their pants below their asses and then pull them up every 10 seconds.

    But that’s not all black people. I have black friends that are cool as fuck and don’t appreciate that nigger shit either. A couple of them do have fat, white girlfriends though, which of course makes me laugh.

    But what about white people? What have white people done that’s so great and special? Let’s see, all throughout history white people have invaded foreign lands, killing, raping and pillaging all in the name of God and/or money. White people have destroyed beautiful and pristine ecosystems all over the world and replaced them with concrete and steel. White people have raped and polluted the earth, causing all kinds of fucked up diseases and birth defects, all to make a few dollars. Wow, what great accomplishments!

    Now let’s see what you have done that’s so special. You’ve spent countless hours of your own time trolling up a website, spewing hate and contempt, without ever actually typing a grammatically correct and complete sentence. Congratulations to you! I see why you feel so self righteous.

    Basically it comes down to this. If all you want to do is talk about how much you hate niggers, then get the fuck out of here. Go start up ihateniggers, or go loathe in the forums. I don’t know or care what goes on in there, but I think it’s pretty much a free for all. That’s Kane’s turf now, and if I’m not mistaken, he isn’t all that fond of the coloreds either. Plus, I’m sure Lordsho will be more than happy to banter back and forth with you.

    So I’m making it my mission to be more on point about monitoring all the needless racist bullshit in the peanut gallery from now on, and instead of banning people for a couple weeks, it’s easier for me to just click one button and BAM! Just like that, every comment you ever wrote is deleted, and so is your account.

    Let me reiterate once again that this is a place for people from all walks of life to come check out some funny, gross, sexy, or just plain stupid shit, and have a good laugh. About 999 out of every 1,000 people that visit crazyshit on a daily basis never bother to leave any comments, and I’m guessing that has something to do with the high amount of morons that do. We’ve had plenty of members tell us how they lost interest just because of all the dumb shit filling up the peanut gallery. It’s quite lame.

    To sum things up, we’re cool with you making racist jokes that are actually funny and relative to the content posted, but if all you want to do is be some online hate monger because you’re dissatisfied with your own miserable life, then piss off!

    In conclusion, fuck you honkies!

    Love Always,


    +2 -2
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