I'll Leave The Car Running

I just left my Jeep outside running, so we can just hop in and be on our way. Oh fuck! Well, I guess we'll have to take a cab. Unless you want to hoof it. The exercise will be good.

  • tgarner June 5, 2013

    The government just told the Chrysler Corp to recall 2.7 million Jeeps because of faulty gas tanks that cause them to catch on fire. Chrysler said, nope not gonna do it. So if you have one, you may want to trade it or sell it.

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  • johnhancock June 5, 2013

    ^^^NAAHHHH Don't trade it... just make sure you got good coverage Then SEND THAT SHIT TO CRAZY SHIT BITCHESSS

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  • frankdrebin June 5, 2013

    the moment you realize all your weed was in there

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  • kermitt June 5, 2013

    What is it Lassie? Is Timmy in trouble? Arf. Is my jeep on fire? Arf, arf! Too late stupid dog!

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  • biggertalk June 5, 2013


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  • azzholee June 5, 2013

    just replace gas tank with something that is made in Japan or Germany , most of the products made by American companies are actually made in China or Mexico which explains substandard quality.

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  •   potrostation June 5, 2013

    Tibetan Jeep.

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  • showmeurtits June 5, 2013

    His Realflame paint job looks awesome.

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  • mothaflaka June 5, 2013

    Its the hottest car on the market.

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  • englishgent June 5, 2013

    The new Chrysler hot hatch really is special uh!

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  •   rodgtard June 6, 2013

    Damn jesse. the flaming paint job looks real.

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  •   dozer67 June 6, 2013

    I know what burned this Jeep down oil leak Chryslers are big with head gaskets leaking oil on the exhaust manifold and once it gets hot enough POOF! WE GOT'S A FIRE!..

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