User Finger Crushed

We got this picture sent in from our boy, rockinron. He writes, "my son works on farm equipment at a tractor sales shop. he dropped a 50LBS steel plow head on his finger today at work! they are gonna remove half of his finger. the arterys and bone's are crushed beyond repair. fuckin 50 lbs did this!!"

  • xizang December 27, 2014

    That's gonna throb tomorrow.

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  •   nh3kid December 27, 2014

    Somebody needs a little hydrogen peroxide

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  •   fistermister December 27, 2014

    Fucking OUCH!

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  • chupamiverga December 27, 2014

    they could be lying lol. easier to cut it off then fix that shit. does he have insurance?

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  • marcodufour December 27, 2014

    So Rockinron, finally a wound pussy you won`t fuck ?

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  •   vulture December 27, 2014

    ^^^thought our Ron would be up to a bit of incest

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  •   picklehiesner December 27, 2014

    No more stinky pinkys for you

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  •   potrostation December 27, 2014

    So "it's dead"? It's going to stay dead.

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  • cellule December 27, 2014

    Don't fuck with John Deere.

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  •   whobe December 27, 2014

    Ron I call it like you do me every time I send something in, fake as fuck and its not him without his Drivers License and S.S. Number.

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  • fulmerino December 27, 2014


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  • fuckybrained December 27, 2014

    Still can flip the bird, all is well

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  • fuzzynaval420 December 27, 2014

    Upload a photo once they clip it.

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  • tj72 December 27, 2014

    Physics can be a bitch.

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  •   spazman December 27, 2014

    Is that his dominant spanking hand?

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  •   happyjack December 27, 2014

    Must be the wound pussy karma god. Let's not get all serious about this particular wound just because it's family. Lol

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  •   sbohica December 27, 2014

    Fake ass claim! Has anyone ever seen a plow claw? How do u drop it on ur hand and ONLY hit ur pinky??? Narcissistic Ron, always looking for attention...

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  •   longhungwong December 27, 2014

    I'd get a 2nd opinion Ron.. they wanted to cut off my cousin's arm even the 2nd opinion after a 12 gauge shot close range... 3rd doc said he'd o his best he's missing alot of meat from the arm but... its fully functional.. so good luck to ur son man.

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  •   fistermister December 27, 2014

    I guess now Rockinron will try and out do his son and post something more tragic so he could feel complete with himself. " I'm gonna guess Ron's gonna say he bought a mo-ped in china and had his head ran over by a 80,000 pound truck hauling all the scraped up corps off the street"! 'BET!'

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  • bigtex December 27, 2014

    I've had bigger scratches on my eyeball!! :-)

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  •   rockinron December 27, 2014

    he see's a specialist on monday and will know for sure if they are gonna take any of it or reconstruct the bones with pins. and yes it was a plow disc head weighing around 50 lbs and it slipped off and fell about 2 feet he would not of had the reflexes he has being 25 years old it would have been 2-3 fingers.

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  •   rockinron December 27, 2014

    when i first saw it i started to get some good solid wood then the kid smacked me upside the head and said "ya sick fuck i'm your son, go have sbohica or fistermister blow you like everyone else does when they are horny!"

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  •   sbohica December 27, 2014

    Ron ur constantly wanting other MEN to blow u!!??!! We never hear u talk about a lady blowing ur flacid beenie weenie... Just saying.

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  • cheshiregrin December 28, 2014

    And that's why giving She-Hulk the Shocker's a bad idea...Joking aside, it sucks this happened to your kid, rockinron, but at least it was just this one finger. Like you've said, it could've been close to his whole hand, if not the entire thing.

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  •   sbohica December 28, 2014

    If Ron Is telling the truth, then cudnt he easily have his son write CS on a piece of paper and post another pic so I will shut up??? Not gonna happen, fake ass!

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  •   mykejp December 28, 2014

    Meh...I've seen worse.

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  • cheshiregrin December 28, 2014

    @sbohica - Valid point is valid (or if the son can't or won't, ron could put proof in the pic of the post-surgery results). However, I'm willing to give him the benefit of a doubt. He seems to be the type that if he were going to lie about his favorite kind of cock-sleeve (from what I've seen of his comments), he's make it a good one, not just a piddly little pinky scratch.

    Then again, I'm fresh meat. What the hell do I know?

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  •   rockinron December 28, 2014

    @cheshiregrin apparently you know alot fucking more than sbohica's dumb ass. there will be more pics, its not everyday someone around this shithole gets a good fucked up hand or foot to take pics of.

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  • cheshiregrin December 28, 2014

    @ron - I just think sbohica is calling you out because you've called him out int he past is the problem, at least from what I've read. As to the more pics thing: looking forward to it! Hope that they won't lop half the damn thing off. You'll be surprised how much you rely on that little guy when working or holding a beer. And not to worry about the lack of good pics...knowing my clumsy ass, I'll probably end up posting a pic or two on here soon enough. Had I known about this site back in April of this year, you'd have your pick of three nice wound pussies on my thigh that amounted to 94 stitches when all was said and done, and would've been 100 easily had the jackanapes not been sloppy with leaving too big if a 'drain gap'.

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  •   sbohica December 29, 2014

    Ron's just a faggot. Hes nothing in real life and tries to b something here. He faked his own death just to recline his wheelchair and beat off to all the men who pretended to care!!!! Rons a fake!!!! Period.

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  • cheshiregrin December 29, 2014

    :| Alrighty then.

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