Surveillance cameras registered the action of the criminals; the 3 men were detained.

Three men were presented on Tuesday (22nd) by the Civil Police, accused of envolviment in the death of a 67 year old "recyclable material picker", in Leopoldo de Bulhões, Goiás. The crime happened on the last 1st of September.

Surveillance cameras registered the moment that a man, known for drug dealing in the region, holding a piece of concrete, approaches the victim and hits him brutally 4 times. The eldery man did not stand up to the injuries and died at the location.

The images were only publicized with the appearance of the trio, which are 22, 24 and 30 year old, 2 henchman and the murderer. According to the police, they confessed the crime.

The delegate responsible for the case, Francisco Costa Jr., said the the author claimed that the reason for the murder was the fact that the picker accused him to the police. According to the news portal G1, after verifying, investigations concluded that the fact does not proceed.

The delegate also narrated that before the crime, the drug dealer gave drugs to four people, in exchange of having to beat the old man up. They accepted it and attacked him with kicks and punches, while the dealer was waiting inside a vehicle.

Also according to G1, when the spanking stopped, the victim sat on the sidewalk to recover, when the drug dealer got off the car and grabbed the piece of concrete that was used to kill the old man.

  • boofano November 26, 2016

    well, you don't really care for life if you're a drug dealer ...

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  •   stenchfart November 26, 2016

    Why pay people to beat his ass if you`re gonna kill him yourself instantly afterwards

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  •   whobe November 26, 2016

    Another Democrat making sure he doesn't vote for Trump.

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