"Bernardo Elbaz, 31, went over a balcony on the Oasis of the Seas on Nov. 6 in ocean waters near the Turks and Caicos islands.

The lawyer for Elbaz's husband, Erik, released two cell phone video clips on Tuesday and Wednesday that he says proves the man didn't jump when he went overboard. The Broward County Sheriff's Office in Florida has ruled the death a suicide, citing a reported domestic disturbance on board."

  • insanemonkey December 10, 2016

    see what happens when you cant do a pull up?

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  • silkdashocker1 December 10, 2016

    does not work


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    • twofords December 10, 2016

      @silkdashocker1 Try a different browser, I've had trouble with a few of these in the past couple of weeks but they work.

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    •   crazyshit-admin December 10, 2016

      @silkdashocker1 Safari/Apple does not support viewing of webm files, unfortunately

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      • holyfuckballs December 10, 2016

        @crazyshit-mike the largest mobile platform in the wold and you pick a format that is not supported? Glad you don't work for me.

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        • dicktooth December 11, 2016

          @holyfuckballs blame apple not crazyshit. Apple doenst support anything they cant profit from.

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          • captjim December 11, 2016

            @dicktooth I've been watching CS for years with Safari... don't blame apple.

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  • lonniems December 10, 2016

    not suicide, drunk and fucking around ,slipped. Just like collage kids falling off balconies during spring break every year many die in florida ever year

    Its not the first time otherwise they wouldn`t have a camera there.

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    • runforestrun December 10, 2016

      @lonniems You didn't see his body tense and right arm grip the side while pulling his left arm free? He was pulling free to fall and now he worm food.

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  • airsporter December 10, 2016

    The Capt will be pissed off when the twats string vest fouls the prop!

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  •   corruptedsob December 10, 2016

    He must have gotten the week bar tab

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  • holyfuckballs December 10, 2016

    Fuck this another dead video!!!

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  •   maddog123 December 10, 2016

    Goddam just had to fuck this site up even more !!! And I was just thinking those idiots couldn't fuck up crazyshit any worse but you did !!!!! Can't see any down loads on none of my computers and I own em all

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  • dizeer December 11, 2016

    Invalid Source !

    Video Does Not Fucking Work !

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  •   jewman December 13, 2016

    this shit looks fake as fuck ,

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  • dazsworld December 23, 2016

    Welcome to Hell, suicide fuck.

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