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While conducting its second function as a new member of the act of the globe of death, Circus of Mexico, Cristian Camilo Hernandez Saenz, 20, suffered a motorcycle accident that hours later cost him his life. The incident occurred last Wednesday in the role of 7:30 pm in the circus tent, which is located next to the Centenario stadium, southern Armenia, Quindio. Jorge Eliecer Camargo, representative of the company Fuentes Gasca, told El Colombiano, the accident was caused by a bad movement of young at start of the show. "Within the mechanical sphere each rider marks your route. The moment came to demarcate 'line of Ecuador' -Route of reference- the boy left toward the top of the globe and, instead of stopping, what he did was accelerate and so fell and the bike he came over , "said Camargo. Immediately, the other four members of Ansar act Hernandez, who replied that he was well and managed to make some jokes with them while being attended by personnel of Civil Defense, which is permanently in the circus. The acrobat was taken to hospital San Juan de Dios, north of the city, where he arrived with an international hypovolemic shock -hemorragia, where doctors assessed his condition and decided to perform surgery. "The young man had a hypovolemic shock due to the impact with the bike, plus a thoracoabdominal trauma and tearing of the abdominal aorta , he performed the surgical procedure, but can not withstand surgery and unfortunately died , " said César Rincón, secretary Health Quindio. Hernandez, who worked in another circus in Peru, had reached the capital city Quindio five days before the insuceso. The young man was on probation in the circus of Mexico, where would be the replacement of another acrobat who days earlier had suffered an accident in the same show. The young man 's body was taken to the hospital morgue Mercy of Calarca. There was delivered to his relatives, who will perform his funeral in the town of Soracá, Boyacá, where I was from. Despite being on probation, Hernandez had all insurance required by law, also it indicated that the circus Rincon meets all the requirements of the Mayor 's Office of Armenia to present this kind of shows in the city.

  • honkie365 December 12, 2016

    One down, millions to go.

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    •   happyjack December 12, 2016

      @honkie365 he was out doing something to earn a paycheck. Millions of motorcyclist to go? Or who are we rooting for to die here?

      +3 -1
  • airsporter December 12, 2016

    And the Moral is.- if it has tits or wheels it'll probably kill you.

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  •   ouch December 12, 2016

    Do you really expect me to read all that? No FUCKING Really? Fuck you dick heads

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    •   fockenperv December 12, 2016

      @ouch I got winded reading you comment

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      •   ouch December 12, 2016

        @fockenperv lol

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  •   wombatbytes December 12, 2016

    Animated GIFs fucking suck!!!

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  • lonniems December 12, 2016

    two wheeled vehicles crashing, people dead , So was this in asia.

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  • motorboatagoat December 12, 2016

    Hopefully the clowns came out and took him out on a stretcher and dropped him a few more times

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  •   whobe December 12, 2016

    They need to make this more exciting and use mopeds and a bus.

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  • doonut December 12, 2016

    He died from botched surgery in Mexico, your sister hits hard than that.

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  •   stenchfart December 12, 2016

    fuckin new guy..

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  •   mordecai December 12, 2016

    they should have fed him to the lion, waste of good meat and would have been a much better video to watch

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  • cyberbu11y December 12, 2016

    Website full of shit earns its name

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