The Car Of Yesterday, Today

This reminds me of them old school cars like in back to the future, only with a modern twist. Pimp looking ride. I'd drive it.

  • yokiti January 23, 2006

    How would you see over the hood?

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  • metzger January 23, 2006

    The top is chopped pretty low so I guess the drivers eye level might be near the top of the windshield which could give a small viewing area. Or maybe its not even street legal or not driven on the street. I wouldn't drive something that nice around the average retard on the road

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  • chemogivah January 24, 2006

    Looks like the comic book Batmobile

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  • chopedtobits January 24, 2006

    yeah wtf? how would you turn that shit? wheels underneath byu the oil pan that turn? wtf? just for that! i say its gay! i dont want a car i cant drive fuck that! whats a car made for? oh yeah fuckin driving! damn asshole ruined a nice car! unless the clip off.

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